I scanned the stock for earnings growth and Ares (NYSE: ACRE) commercial property went easy



It is only natural that many investors, especially newbies, prefer to buy shares of “attractive” stocks with a good track record, even if these businesses are losing money. But in reality, when a company loses money every year for a long enough time, its investors usually take on their share of those losses.

If, on the other hand, you like companies that have income and even make a profit, then you may well be interested in Commercial property Ares (NYSE: ACRE). While that doesn’t make stocks worth buying at any price, you can’t deny that successful capitalism ultimately requires profits. While a well-funded company can sustain losses for many years, if its owners don’t have an endless appetite for client subsidies, it will ultimately need to make a profit or, if not, take its last breath.

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Ares Commercial Real Estate earnings per share on the rise.

As one of my mentors once told me, stock price follows earnings per share (EPS). This means that most successful long-term investors see earnings per share growth as a real positive. Ares Commercial Real Estate has managed to increase earnings per share by 12% per annum in three years. These are good growth rates if they can be sustained.

I love seeing revenue growth as a measure of growth sustainability, and I expect high EBITs to point to a competitive moat (although some low-margin companies also have moats). Note that the revenue of Ares Commercial Real Estate from operations was lower than its earnings in the past twelve months, so that may have skewed my analysis of its profitability. Ares Commercial Real Estate maintained a stable EBIT margin over the past year, with revenues growing 73% to USD 97 million. This is a real positive.

The chart below shows how the company’s earnings and profits have changed over time. For a more detailed view, click the image.

income and income history

income and income history

Of course, the skill is to find stocks whose best days are in the future, not in the past. You can of course base your opinion on past work, but you may also want to Check out this interactive earnings per share forecast chart by a professional analyst for Ares Commercial Real Estate.

Are Ares Commercial Real Estate insiders in agreement with all shareholders?

I feel safer owning shares in a company if insiders also own shares, thereby aligning our interests more closely. As a result, I am encouraged by the fact that insiders own a significant amount of Ares Commercial Real Estate shares. In fact, they own $ 24 million in shares. It’s a lot of money and a lot of incentive to work hard. Even though this is only about 3.3% of the company, this is enough to indicate unity between business leaders and ordinary shareholders.

It means a lot to see insiders investing in a business, but I wonder if the shareholder compensation policy is friendly. A brief analysis of CEO remuneration suggests yes. For companies with market caps between US $ 400 million and US $ 1.6 billion, such as Ares Commercial Real Estate, the average CEO salary is around US $ 2.4 million.

The CEO of Ares Commercial Real Estate received just $ 630,000 in compensation for the year ended. This seems modest to me and may hint at a certain respect for the interests of shareholders. In my opinion, the CEO’s remuneration is not important, but the modest remuneration is a positive thing, as it assumes that the board is responsive to the interests of shareholders. I also believe that a reasonable level of pay is a sign of good decision making in general.

Should you add Ares commercial property to your watchlist?

EPS growth is a positive development for Ares Commercial Real Estate. Nice to see. The fact that EPS is growing is a real positive for Ares Commercial Real Estate, but the good picture is getting better. With a modest CEO salary and a sizable share of insiders, I’d say this one is at least worthy to be on the watchlist. You still need to take risks into account, for example – Ares Commercial Real Estate has 4 warning signs (and 2 that cannot be ignored) we think you should be aware of this.

While I certainly love Ares Commercial Real Estate, I would rather have insiders buying stock. If you also want to see insider buying, then this is free list of growing companies that insiders are buyingmaybe exactly what you are looking for.

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