Howard University offers loans to suspended veterinary students.



Howard University offers veteran students an interest-free loan of $ 3,000 after investigation it turned out that the school had lost accreditation for use by new students Gi bill grants to pay for their education. The investigation also revealed a number of cases of incorrect paperwork by veterans, due to which some of them experience difficulties in paying their expenses.

Students must repay the loan by December 14th. Some have criticized the school loan program, stating that they would not be able to pay it off if they did not receive their GI benefits, and noting the school’s history of problems in helping veterans access these payments.

“If I wanted to live in debt, I would not [have] went to the army and received a student loan “Tiana Pantovich, Army veteran, told “I can’t imagine every bump, every gas station, every grocery store, knowing that I have a cloud to pay off.”

In April, the State Agency for the District of Columbia (SAA) stripped Howard University of the right to allow new veteran students to use their GI account benefits. The decision went into effect on June 15, launching a 60-day window that closed on Sunday.

“As we expect the veteran benefit discontinuity for some students to be resolved soon, the goal will be for students to pay an advance after VA scholarships are processed again and available by the end of the semester.” – Frank Howard Trumble University spokesman said this to

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Meanwhile, 57 veteran students signed a petition to senior school administrators urging Howard to do more than just extend loans, such as waiving tuition fees and fees for affected students for the spring 2021, fall 2021, and spring 2022 semesters.

“As of August 17, 2021, just five days before the start of the fall semester 2021, military students still do not know if they will be able to receive their study allowances, which include a textbook scholarship and a monthly housing allowance (in addition to covering tuition and fees), which dramatically affects the standard of living of these students, “says a petition written by Leana Mason. Marine Corps veteran and Ph.D. candidate. “Many students have to struggle for alternatives without the support of an institution that promises truth and service.”

Instead of a loan that they may not be able to repay, veteran students are also asking the school to reimburse them for a grant or scholarship in cash that they might miss out if they don’t receive their benefits.

They also ask the school to hire a new Veteran Benefits Representative or hire veteran students to support the processing of VA benefits-related paperwork.

It is unclear what caused the DC SAA to revoke Howard’s entitlement. Trumble told it was tantamount to a filing confusion stemming from new filing rules that the SAA did not inform the school about in time. However, no other school in the District of Columbia has lost its authority under the military law.

SAA have delegated powers Veterans Affairs Office check schools for compliance with the law and whether the institution meets certain quality minimums. The goal is to ensure that the GI bill, one of the most costly federal benefit programs, is not wasted on fraudulent schools or poor reputable institutions.

The school’s GI Bill withdrawal is crowding out veteran students and cutting off a critical stream of financial support for their education. SAA usually reserves a last resort suspension. Tough measures against a prestigious school are also rare.

Lessons at Howard begin Monday, and DC SAA did not respond to numerous requests for comment from The SAA has the power to extend the suspension, including blocking any veteran who was previously eligible for school benefits and making the suspension permanent. When several of the officers who were involved in drafting the documents related to Howard’s suspension were called, they said they had no right to communicate with the press.

If Howard doesn’t get approval for GI benefits next week, veteran students will lose their rent scholarships and textbooks, and some will have to look for a new school.

While the move only affects new veteran students entering Howard, spoke to several students whose benefits have been suspended or suspended after what they called school clerical errors, such as misreporting their specialty at VA. In at least one case, a veteran was forced to leave his home after losing his housing allowance, which in the District of Columbia can be around $ 2,000 a month.

“We have provided all the information requested,” Trumble told “They are [D.C. SAA] did not indicate that our status has not changed in any way as they are reviewing and awaiting approval from the VA. “

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