How you can invest in the real estate market using equity investment


Many finance professionals say that real estate investments can be very profitable, and certainly they have been profitable for many investors over the years. But these days, access to real estate is not available to the masses. And if you could afford to buy a rental property, that still requires a significant commitment from the landlord.

Meet Khushbu Jah, BuyFounder and CEO. BuyProperly is a Toronto-based women-based platform that allows Canadians to get started in the real estate market through partial investing in less than 7 minutes.

BuyProperly’s mission is simple – they aim to make real estate investing easier, more affordable and hassle-free for Canadians trying to invest in the market. By disrupting the market, they provide an inexpensive and easy-to-use system using technology. The BuyProperly platform uses AI in two ways: to identify real estate trends and to help spot undervalued real estate in the market, allowing investors to generate high returns.

BuyProperly’s customer base has grown 5x since launch in 2019, with 30% of customers investing in more than one property. BuyProperly plans to expand its offerings to the US market at the end of 2021.

This approach to investing in real estate has made it affordable for the average investor. BuyProperly offers complete transparency on your investment and is offered at affordable prices.

Starting this company from scratch was not easy, and Khushboo faced difficulties along the way. But she knew she was making an important offer to investors, and she withstood the tough times.

For women who are considering starting their own startup, Khushboo offers the following tips:

Don’t follow the masses blindly

Just because someone has successfully built their business in a certain way does not mean that this is the right path for your business. Don’t be afraid to think differently and try new ways of doing things.

Get support from other leaders in marginalized communities

When you feel you need support or guidance, seek advice from other people in marginalized communities who left before you. They will have good advice and will speak from experience, not guesswork.

Tell your story

Don’t refuse to tell your story to people and potential clients. Word of mouth is a very powerful and cost effective marketing strategy. The more people learn about your business, the more curiosity you will develop and potential customers will appear. Self-promotion can often cause some discomfort in people, but remember that you are offering a valuable product or service that aims to solve a problem for people.

Talk to your future clients

You may think you know what people want, but what resonates with your target market and what doesn’t is always surprising. The sooner you get into the habit of listening to your customer base, the sooner you can reach your first customers and switch quickly when needed.

Be aware of yourself

It is very important to be aware of yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses, highlight your strengths and use them as your best asset. Play on what you are good at and outsource tasks that are not your forte and let others do them for you.

The bottom line is that starting a new tech business, especially for a woman, can be problematic, but you have to remember that you are stronger than those problems. Sustainability is the most important characteristic of entrepreneurs.

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