How to teach your real estate team to understand the value


Teaching your agents how to talk about the value of your real estate company will help your entire team grow faster – and it’s beneficial for everyone. Here’s how to do it.

As a leader, we have three important things to do. First, we must throw a vision… Then we need to organize the team and resources. effectively, providing clarity, focus and direction. Third, we must rremove obstacles.

Shaping the vision is always number one, because without this North Star, the governing organization, providing the basis for making decisions – as well as inspiring – height and success is much slower, and sometimes even absent.

Vision is everything. This is what attracts talent to your organization. This is what inspires your team members to get through tough times. This is what attracts customers to your company and keeps them coming back.

This is the vision and story you tell about your company. However, this vision is worthless if it is not underpinned by values. Value it is realization, the tangible result of seeing.

Train your team members to talk about the value of your team in two ways. First, you want them to be able to explain to customers and buyers the value of working with your team. This is how they (and you) will benefit from this highly competitive real estate market.

Second, your current agents are often the best source for referring and hiring new agents for your team. You want them to understand and share the value of being an agent on your team and not just any other team in the market.

Understanding the value

The first step in learning to talk about the value of your team is to make sure they understand It. I know it sounds pretty straightforward, but really Team members do you really know why they joined?

Because of a profitable split? Or is it because of the culture? Technology? The reputation of the team in the market? Marketing? Do they understand why customers choose your team? Is this a market? Experienced agents? Unique marketing program? Track record of success? Community and client events?

It is imperative that your team members truly understand the value of the company they are joining. One of the reasons agents join in the first place is to accelerate their growth and have team power behind them (which includes value and brand, as well as systems, models, marketing, leads, and more). …

Just as vision should be part of every leaders’ conversation, so is its value. if you accept team meetingWhether you run monthly trainings or send out weekly emails, make sure you adhere to both the vision and the value.

The more your team sees this information in the spotlight, the more they will start incorporating it into their conversations with clients and other agents. Teaching your team members how to talk about value starts with you

The holding of trainings

Another way to teach your agents to talk about the value of your real estate team is to conduct weekly or monthly trainings on the topic. Again, as simple as that – but how often do we do it?

We usually run all kinds of scenarios and sales trainingbut do these trainings include scripts to share your team’s vision and values? If not, add it now. The more your team practices value sharing, the more natural it will become, and it will just be part of their daily conversations.

In addition to teaching you how to share your values ​​with clients and clients, it is equally important to provide formal training for your agents on how to share your team’s values ​​with other agents or potential business partners and suppliers.

The easier it is for your team members to do this, the more likely they are to pick up on the message and start working with it. Listing, Buyer, and Investor presentations should include your team’s value proposition and story.

There is a lot of competition, so why should a customer choose your team? And I’m not talking about your team’s rewards or stats here. That’s good data, but how valuable is it to your potential customers? Do you really care if your team will be # 1 on the state? Only if you can link that metric to how it will benefit them.

You need to demonstrate a unique way of serving your customers to ensure they get the results they want and have a great experience.

Asset creation and presentation set

Besides presenting to clients, you can also create recruitment presentations for those agents who want to share the value of joining your team. Again, make it easy for your team members to grab and leave.

Another way our team achieves this is by creating a weekly social media a digest full of charts, topics for discussion and useful information that our team members can simply take and publish or send to clients or potential business partners to continue to share our story and interact with their field.

Each team will have a different value proposition. Define the value of your team, create assets that make it easy for your agents to tell and share that value, and make it part of it your culture and every conversation.

Teaching your team to talk about the value of your real estate company will help your entire team grow faster – and that’s good for everyone.

Adam Hergenrother – Founder and CEO Adam Hergen … other companies, author Founder and multiplier of strength, and a podcast host, Business meets spirituality… Learn more about Adam’s Holistic Approach to Business here

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