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Count your first months as a real estate agent. Remember when you wondered how to put all the information you learned from your real estate licensing course into practice? Or how to adapt to the different documents, technologies and policies of the new broker. Moreover, how will this business evolve into a sustainable, income-generating full-time career?

You may have been one of those lucky ones who were lucky enough to have a mentor in your new brokerage office, or even afford a private business coach. Either way, mentoring is the most valuable resource in learning the ropes of the real estate world. One-to-one mentoring involves answering questions, solving problems, and honing those critical skills needed to effectively represent buyers and sellers.

A mentor-ward relationship can be a win-win scenario. Mentees have access to seasoned real estate veterans who have “seen it all,” and mentors can interact with emerging talent to strengthen their leadership and coaching skills.

Mentors can benefit from other valuable aspects of a relationship:

– As you lead sales, marketing and transaction management, you must be aware of the rules and regulations of the local market. By teaching your charge, you will become wiser.

“Building a professional network is a two-way street. Partnering with mentees will open doors to their sphere of influence and create new customer acquisition businesses as clients see your mentoring experience and skills in action.

– When you know that someone is relying on you for advice, there is a tendency to re-engage in your business practice. As a result, you can achieve increased productivity and job satisfaction. Plus, being recognized as an expert and thought leader in your local market will help grow your brand.

FAST Program – The Fathom Successful Agent Training Program is key to helping the newest Fathom agents build a successful real estate business. The knowledge and experience of a mentor can form the basis for starting or advancing a new agent’s career. FAST Certified Mentor is not a volunteer. Instead, mentors are compensated when their mentees complete deals. This allows agents to serve their colleagues while continuing to grow their real estate business.

A mentor-mentor relationship has many benefits for both parties, both personally and professionally. It will also create a culture of learning and collaboration in your brokerage company for years to come.

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