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The mortgage changed my life. Like most professionals in the mortgage industry, I am passionate about this business. Most of us don’t grow up telling everyone that we want to change the world by selling, processing, underwriting and closing mortgages. Unless, of course, you are my five-year-old daughter and six-year-old son. They both make it clear that they will “take care of the mortgage with my mother” while they build skyscrapers and run the country. Maybe they were born with a mortgage in their blood.

In the early years of school, primary and secondary school, mathematics was always easy for me. In high school, I continued to excel and dabbled in mathematics. I took every possible math class and in my era we had the accounting elective that I was looking for. I still remember this lesson well.

I liked that, and I didn’t use the word often when it came to scientists. This was my junior year in high school. When college applications came in and you had to choose a major (for context, I was 17 and couldn’t decide what to wear that day), I ticked the checkbox.

I am continued release Graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a major in Accounting. After graduating in late 2009, which was not the best time to join the workforce, I originally intended to take the CPA exam, but after thorough research and understanding of what my life would look like working for the Big Four, I am not was convinced. I didn’t want to spend more time at school, study and office.

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