How this entrepreneur built a $ 840 million real estate company



Buva Biniti is a real estate developer in the District of Columbia. He is the founder of Dantes Partners, a real estate development company that builds affordable homes in the District of Columbia. In accordance with Shoppe BlackDantes Partners has secured over $ 840 million in real estate transactions since its inception.

Biniti tells Shoppe Black that he is a “product of the family.” By this he means that he comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs, and when he was growing up he knew that his career was made for him. And he chose real estate because his family has always been involved in this sector.

Initially, Biniti did not want to run the family business, doing real estate. He moved to the West Coast, thinking he would be the next Mark Zuckerberg, but failed miserably. He eventually found a property and hasn’t looked back since.

Although Biniti was a family business, he was more interested in real estate because of the value he could create from buildings. While for many real estate is all about brick and mortar, Biniti says it’s all about finances for him.

“For most people, it’s about brick and mortar, but for me it’s about finance. I just liked how you can take part of an asset … it is very tangible for me to take a dilapidated building, try to improve it and create value out of it, ”he says.

Binichi also says he was inspired by his father’s profound comments that he decided to go into business. According to him, his father told him that if he wants to go into business, he must belong to one of three categories that people consume: food, fashion and housing, so he decided to go into real estate.

The real estate entrepreneur says he has taken up the construction of luxury affordable homes based on his experiences of living in New York, San Francisco and the District of Columbia. He says he realized very quickly that although he earned good money while working, he could not afford to live in the city.

He says he had to spend hours commuting to work, which became very unsettling for him, especially when he graduated from college in New York and was forced to move to Jersey City because it was the best place for him.

“As a young man living in New York, I felt like I had a curfew because the train was not 24 hours at the time, and if I didn’t catch the last train, I would be stuck in the city, which made me almost homeless, so I really hated that feeling, ”he says.

Biniti says that this feeling has lived in him for a very long time, and when he finally got into real estate, he realized that there are many others like him who are also struggling to find decent housing.

The Biniti firm was responsible for the construction of the Hodge in the Shaw District of Columbia and the Delta Towers in the H Street corridor. Despite its relative success, Biniti says the industry is still dominated by whites, with black real estate entrepreneurs struggling to get government contracts or even finance.

Biniti, in addition to directing the acquisition, development, management and financial activities of its firm, regularly speaks at industry events… His recent classes include those with The Minority Resource, African American Real Estate Professionals, Biz Now, DC Building Industry Association, and Georgetown University.

Biniti, a graduate of the Urban Land Institute’s Real Estate Professional Program, earned her BA from New York University and her MA in Real Estate Development from Johns Hopkins University.


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