How the loan selling process can hold you back



With the BAM Marketplace, you will receive more timely information on who is winning certain bids, making the best pricing decisions and optimizing the recruitment of investors.

Unlike the standard loan system, all prices are valid on an open exchange loan, so both you and your employees will always be aware of price changes.

There is no fixed price as buyers bid in the form of a spread on the underlying security associated with the loan, which gives the seller confidence and allows the market to continue moving.

With an open loan exchange, lenders can more efficiently evaluate and trade loans. In this way, the risk of slowing down the turnaround time for pricing can be avoided.

When the CARES Act was enacted in March 2020, it led to a zero service GNMA and a liquidity crisis in non-QM, causing financial hardship for both lenders and warehouse companies.


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