How real estate agents can find legacy properties in the local market



Legacy listings are often left untouched by real estate agents due to the delicacy that must surround their approach.

But if treated with respect, a niche can open a gateway leads and clients.

September 1 Charles Curry, Head of Marketing of the Learning Platform Authorize, hosted a webinar on how to get inherited ads.

In the video, he shared a step-by-step guide to finding leads.

The first step is to find probate deeds on the local court’s website. To do this, Curry proposes to enter into Google: [CountyName] followed by [State Name] followed by probate search

Per Enea, Scanlan & Sirignano, LLPA probate is a legal process in which title to a property is transferred upon the death of the original owner.

Court websites can be difficult to navigate, Curry said. If the agent cannot find the records, he can call the court and ask someone to walk them through the process.

“I recommend calling several times until you find a clerk to help you. When I was new to this business, some clerks told me that I could not access certain records in the courthouse. I didn’t believe them, called back, talked to another clerk, and they helped me find information, ”says Curry’s guide.

After the agent discovers the case, he must confirm that the deceased owned the house and that the name does not include a spouse. In the manual, Curry checked the top of the probate case to find answers to these two questions.

After vetting potential clients, the next step is to find someone who is now eligible to sell real estate. According to the guidelines, this person is often referred to as a personal representative, executor of an inheritance, or an heir. This person can be difficult to track down, so agents must find family members who may be heirs or may link them to an heir.

If the name of the personal representative is not listed on the probate record, there are several ways to find out who to contact. They can look up the last name in the original owner’s obituary, find out who pays property taxes, or use social media to find relatives.

After the agent finds the names, the next step is to collect phone numbers and mailing addresses.

“Usually their mailing address can be found in the case of the court of inheritance. This is the first place I would look, ”says Curry’s manual.

To find addresses and number of potential heirs, Curry suggests using local property records, which can be accessed on sites such as PropertyShark, White Pages, or Intelius Premier

Out of respect for grieving family members and friends, Curry suggests that the agents wait a few months before seeking help.

After the required time has passed, they can send marketing materials to the collected addresses and / or politely introduce themselves over the phone. Curry also suggests mailing the materials to the inherited property, as there is a good chance that a family member will pick up the mail.

If the agent is busy and does not have time to look through the wills, Curry suggests hiring a virtual assistant from Fiverr do it.

Fiverr is a platform that allows its clients to hire freelancers to provide services that range from web design to copywriting and stationery.

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