How New York Real Estate Will Become Healthy in 2021



Hopefully, there are many lessons to be learned from this pandemic – how to make sourdough, how to keep houseplants alive, how to show gratitude – perhaps nothing is more important than taking care of your mental and physical health.

Mental and physical well-being can be maintained in a variety of ways – from meditation and exercise to steam showers – and now more than ever, these activities are done at home. This may be why many new homeowners are focusing more on self-catering amenities such as fitness centers, luxury bathrooms and spas.

Nowhere in America is there a greater need for a relaxing and rejuvenating home than New York City, where the hustle and bustle that makes the city so exciting to live in can also wear down both body and mind.

New Yorkers may have notoriously tough decisions, but even the most stubborn need a little respite here and there.

Many of New York City’s most famous residential buildings have been renovated to include modern gyms and indoor pools. Famous pre-war buildings like Essex House in Midtown or Stella Tower in Hell’s Kitchen can now be equipped with amenities such as 24-hour fitness centers or spas.

These spaces are not like your regular basement gyms or saunas. Fitness centers often include modern equipment like Pilates machines and smart bikes, but they also keep classic essentials like kettlebells, heavy bags, and Olympic barbells behind. Spas can offer body and beauty treatments such as facials, body scrubs and of course massages.

Broker Cecilia Serrano from Warburg Real Estate offered by JW Marriott Essex House at 160 Central Park South as an example of how residential towers are approaching recovery in 2021.

“They were recently refurbished as part of a maintenance service, which is really great as the refrigerator is constantly provided with free individual water bottles and green apples.” Serrano said. “But what’s better is that they always keep a very attractive and super clean look, especially the sauna, steam room and showers, which are nice to show to potential buyers. JW Marriott does a great job of maintaining its standards. “

The new developments also feature a host of recreational and recreational amenities such as the colossal Moma Tower, which includes a stunning indoor swimming pool, golf simulator and cold water pool.

While construction sites offer convenient opportunities for exercise and relaxation, personal care should also take place at home. It starts with simple design elements, such as huge swing-out windows that let in natural light and fresh air to brighten rooms and mood, or open-plan floor plans that give the space an airy openness.

One of the most important areas for personal care is the bathroom. Homes that offer spa-like comfort can transform a room normally used for office needs into an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Luxurious amenities such as underfloor heating, steam showers and soaking tubs allow residents to enjoy all the spa’s soothing pleasures right at home, while aesthetic solutions such as lacquered cabinets, cast iron bathtubs and Black Zeus tiles. add a serene elegance to this space. space.

Skincare and skincare are complementary to wellness and more than just a routine, with the addition of large marble dressing tables, illuminated mirrors and brass fixtures.

Penthouses can often include expansive terraces that offer great views of the cityscape, and an outdoor shelter in a city where these spaces are few and far between.

As mental and physical well-being becomes more and more important in our chaotic world, we hope that a future in which all New Yorkers will be offered self-help facilities is not far off.

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