How Mortgage Services Can Improve The Visibility Of Their Portfolio



Whether you are a tax inspector, tax collector, title company, creditor or creditor, there is no single source of truth regarding the ever-changing characteristics and risks of collateral. Better visibility and understanding of these ecosystem changes is needed.

CoreLogic’s DigitalTax portfolio monitoring is based on company data maintained by a dedicated team of people, partnering with different types of government agencies to generate more reliable datasets more frequently. In this way, DigitalTax Portfolio Monitoring helps the user to obtain useful information and, in many cases, to engage their homeowners faster.

The DigitalTax Portfolio Monitoring solution provides effective trend visualization and identification of changes in the characteristics of a client’s property, which then prompts action and initiates true risk management, providing a better experience for the homeowner.

CoreLogic does this by providing a holistic view of the entire lifecycle of a loan, from disbursement to disbursement or transfer, enabling its clients to be proactive rather than reactive. It really makes you think about the first-to-know-first-to-act mentality whenever the characteristics of the company change. Providing customers with such useful information is key to making decisions and ensuring the best homeowner’s experience.

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