How does the housing market affect real estate agents?



George Schechter has a completely new business model. Real estate agent in Florida compass Schechter of Coconut Grove has 12 years of experience in real estate, so he is familiar with its cyclical ups and downs. But today’s housing market has made it turn to stay successful.

“This market is unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” he said. “In some areas, such as Coconut Grove and Coral Gables, we hit a 25-year low in inventory and a consumer demand that I have never experienced.”

A recent example of the frothy market in South Florida: Schechter put up a house in Coconut Grove for sale on Friday at 7 am for $ 895,000. By 10 a.m., he had 62 showing requests, and by Monday, he had 27 offers. The house was sold for $ 1.5 million.

There are many tips to help buyers and sellers navigate current events. Housing market… What about real estate agents? What are they doing to adapt and ensure their survival in one of the most challenging markets in history?

“So many people went into this business last year because of the pandemic,” said Sherri Johnson, national real estate coach and speaker. “Licenses have skyrocketed due to job changes, and it really weeds out hobbyists, people who can’t adapt to change quickly enough. However, the cream of the crop is always growing – anyone who is a good agent can weather any economic or health crisis or any problem happening in the country. “

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