How credit scores and repaints can help you manage your mortgage



If you own a home, chances are good that paying off your mortgage is one of your biggest monthly expenses.

This is why it is so important to make sure you have the right mortgage.

Two popular features are offset invoicing and redrawing tools. If you’ve never heard of them before, don’t worry! We’ll explain soon how they work.

These products can help you save money on your mortgage, but there are several important points to consider before subscribing.

How credit accounts work

A checking account is a transaction account associated with your mortgage loan. This can lower the percentage you pay as the amount on the account will offset your mortgage balance.

Do you want to know how it works?

Well, if you have a $ 500,000 mortgage balance and a 100 percent compensation account with a $ 20,000 balance, you will only pay interest on the net balance — in this case, $ 480,000.

Jaycee Taylor, an independent financial advisor based in Adelaide, says the benefit comes from lowering the interest you pay while keeping your money available.

“Instead of receiving interest, as is usual in a savings account, [your money is] instead, it is used to offset the balance of the mortgage loan, ”she explains.

Another benefit comes from taxes. Although the interest earned from the savings account is added to your taxable income, the checking accounts do not pay you any money, so you do not pay any additional tax.

Most of these accounts are “100% compensated”, but some are not. Ms Taylor says it’s important to check.

“Maybe only 50 percent of the account has been paid off. This would mean that if you had a loan balance of $ 500,000 and you had $ 50,000 in your compensation account, the balance would only decrease by $ 25,000, ”she says.

One thing to consider is that it can be difficult for you to leave money in your credit account alone.

“Since this is a bank account, you can go online and use these funds every day,” says Richard Gough, a financial advisor based in Ballarat.

“You may not be saving as much as you would like. You need a little more willpower. “

A Trick to Help You Save More with a Compensation Account

By combining a credit card credit account with an interest-free period, you can get even more benefits.

“Some people get paid and all of their money is credited, and then they may also have a 55-day interest-free credit card,” says Ms Taylor.

“They spend all their money on it. [credit card], then at the very end of the interest-free period, they pay the credit card balance that was in their compensation account.

“In the meantime, this money worked to reduce mortgage interest.”

The catch is that you can skip paying with your credit card and end up paying more than you would otherwise.

But, according to Ms. Taylor, if you go over your spending, it can help you save on your mortgage.

What you need to know about redraw objects

Render objects work differently. They allow you to withdraw the extra money you paid for your home loan.

Meanwhile, the money belongs to the bank, not you, says Mr. Gough.

Instead, you must ask the bank to release funds. You may have to wait one to two business days or more to access funds and there may be restrictions on the amount you can withdraw.

The advantage is that you can potentially save on interest by depositing more on your mortgage than usual.

If you find it easier to save money when your money is a little out of reach, overdrawing may be a better option than a compensation bill.

One of the risks to consider is that your bank may change the terms of the loan.

Last May, in the midst of the coronavirus panic, ME Bank did just that.

Some of the bank’s clients whether the amounts accumulated in their lines of credit were transferred to their mortgage accountsleaving them without access to their own funds. Bank later canceled the decision

“This is the main mistake. With the ability to redraw, you can have 10,000 to redraw, and suddenly you cannot redraw money, ”says Mr. Gough.

If you decide to rent out your home and claim interest on the loan as a tax deduction, the possibility of redrawing can also complicate accounting.

“I have to say that from an accounting point of view it would be much easier to do [that] with a credit score, “says Ms Taylor.

Cause? Borrowed interest on income-generating assets (such as investment property) is tax deductible. There is no interest on funds taken for personal use.

They can be mixed together when you redraw, which can make it difficult to pay taxes.

You can save more by using a no-frills mortgage.

While both redrawing and offsetting accounts give you additional flexibility, they are not free. You will end up paying an extra fee or a higher interest rate for them.

“The main thing I would say that you really need to remember is whether you really need offset or redraw,” says Ms. Taylor.

“If you don’t have that much savings, for example, then you might be better off not buying them at all … because you might be able to get a much cheaper rate.”

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