How can mortgage lenders develop the best talent?



VIEW BLOG: The mortgage industry, like other industries, is looking for new ways to attract and retain new talent. The challenge is to find qualified people who fit the culture of the company and the industry. Today, this can require creative thinking and hiring methods.

Traditionally, the company’s operations executives and recruiters have found it easy to put new hires in a constraint box, bundling them into specific roles, or only offering opportunities to work with technologies they’ve interacted with previously. Once in this box, it can be difficult for new hires to break out and discover unknown strengths and interests.

For example, a front-end developer may never consider moving to a full stack developer simply because they have not had the opportunity to understand this area of ​​the company.

By giving new hires the opportunity to participate in an intensive program of learning about organizational culture as well as its technology, companies can increase their chances of developing a well-rounded employee who can make a significant difference early in their careers.

How Immersive Incubator Programs Can Help

An immersive experience, like an incubator, allows participants to gain hands-on experience before they take up their permanent position. The goal is for them to be well aware of all aspects of the company, while being able to chart their path to success.

This experience allows candidates to better understand all the intricacies of the company, their requirements and expectations for the job, as well as the general culture of the company. The program can also instill good work habits that new hires can rely on throughout their early careers. By offering an immersive incubator program, companies can also ensure that candidates are placed in positions most suited to their personality and skills.

Our recently launched 2-month Immersive Incubator Program for IT Professionals is aimed primarily at recent graduates of computer science or similar study programs. The program allows qualified members to work with all aspects of the technology we use on a daily basis.

Throughout the experience – and under the guidance of an experienced team member – participants can grasp the reality and speed of the business world. As a result, participants can gain from this experience the opportunity to work in or collaborate with any department, with a comprehensive, cross-cutting knowledge of where their work fits into the process.

In addition to working on some of the latest industry technologies, contributors can also hone their skills in specialized applications, many of which are not readily available outside the business environment, such as Python or GitHub. This first-hand experience allows participants to better understand the reality of working with these applications and determine if they want to continue using this technology throughout their careers at the company.

In addition to technical skills and the development of skills in new technologies, the incubator truly immerses participants in the corporate culture. The problem with similar programs or internships is that there simply isn’t enough time to understand the culture of the company. Extended time frames allow members to honestly examine the specific business of the company and consider their compatibility with it. Organizational culture is a key element that shapes the work environment, and it is vital that new hires are happy and able to thrive within that culture.

At the end of the incubator program, participants can determine which roles they are most interested in. Instead of taking on a specific role on the first day, the incubator puts the decision in their hands. Participants are given the right to control their own destiny – they can determine if the job and the company itself are right for them.

Companies can “develop” new people who are determined, well-trained, and capable of getting the job done. By giving employees a more holistic view of the company, recent employees can discover a new interest or niche and grow in the role that best suits their character and skill set, and ultimately deliver optimal value to the company.

Martina Schubert – Technical Director LenderClose, a fintech company dedicated to providing technology solutions to real estate and real estate lenders.


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