Houston is among the five most popular markets for real estate investment



Last year was a turning point for the residential real estate industry, as record low mortgage interest rates led to unusually high demand and a hot market. These booming market conditions will continue into 2021.

MyHouseDeals, the online community of residential real estate investors, has released a detailed analysis of the country’s major markets for real estate investment. To identify the hottest markets, the company examined categories such as wholesale real estate, foreclosures, motives Multiple listing service (MLS) deals and motivated sellers. Wholesale real estate transactions accounted for the overwhelming majority (almost 77%) in the first quarter, and tens of thousands of MyHouseDeals members actively invested in such transactions.

The results showed that Houston ranks among the top five investment property markets in the country. Dallas / Fort Worth, Atlanta, South Florida and Washington round out the top five.

MyHouseDeals experts expect these markets to remain hot in the coming months and offer potential investors the opportunity to close deals with high profit potential. Detailed analysis of the remaining 20 largest markets can be found. here


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