Housing Control: Significant Rise in Interest in Real Estate Careers During the Pandemic



FRESNO, California (KFSN). With just 569 home listings available in Fresno County, the housing market remained incredibly competitive for buyers, sellers and realtors.

Reginia Teter recruited from Guarantee Real Estate recalled that many people interested in becoming an agent started working during the pandemic.

Tether said, “It was like a catalyst to confuse them. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time. I’m out of work now. I want to work for myself. “

The process of paying for licensed courses and passing the exam takes 4-6 months before you can become an agent.

But you’ll also have to shell out hundreds of dollars in annual association costs, brokerage fees, and multiple listing fees.

There can always be more people involved in an industry – if they are willing to take on a challenge in a crowded area.

Teter said, “It is more a matter of persistence and determination of these agents, because we see objects in which we see several sentences, and they have to work very hard for their clients.”

Last year, people were unable to take government exams because testing centers closed due to COVID.

They reopened, so they are hiring new agents again.

Tether said, “I always think that if I can’t talk you out of it, you’re probably a good real estate candidate.”

Scott Reba of Prosperity Home Mortgage explained how all workers associated with the industry have been overwhelmed by the housing boom.

Reba said, “This is not only a realtor and lender. There are titular officers and escrow officers, appraisers, home inspectors, pest control inspectors, general contractors who come to work. “

Many of these areas certainly required additional staff, but Reba said some businesses may be reluctant to recruit large numbers of new employees.

He added: “You’d love to get more help, but most of these ancillary industries understand that these cycles come and go. Yes, you can build, hire a group of people today, but in a year or six months the volume may drop. “

Employers would prefer not to let people go after training.

Reba said recruiting plays a big role in the industry and you can pursue a career in any of the areas we mentioned.

But it took patience and perseverance.

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