Homepoint Introduces New Service Model To Help Mortgage Brokers Make Money In The Shopping Market



Homepoint, the third largest wholesale mortgage lender in the US, has unveiled Homepoint Amplify, a new service model that combines localized support with the national Homepoint platform to help mortgage brokers maximize efficiency and provide faster, more personalized customer service in today’s shopping-driven marketplace. …

Under this new model, Homepoint will form regional support groups corresponding to six regions: Central, Northeast, Northwest, South, Southeast, and Southwest. Each region will have assigned teams of loan coordinators, underwriters, closers and loan sponsors, paired with account managers who already serve broker partners in these respective areas.

By organizing its operations and sales regionally, Homepoint will provide brokers with the unique opportunity to closely partner with designated professionals who create a “small lender” feel – with the technology, resources and capabilities of a large lender.

“The relationship between mortgage brokers and lenders is paramount in the buying market,” says Phil Shoemaker, president of origin issues at Homepoint, in a posting. “With Homepoint Amplify we are moving towards a service model that allows our partner brokers to work more closely with our experienced operations and sales staff to expand their business in this procurement market. We are one of the largest wholesale mortgage lenders in the country, but brokers will benefit from more representative communication and collaboration that stems from the small lender feel our new model will provide. ”

Homepoint’s move to a regionally focused model will bring significant benefits to mortgage brokers as it remains highly efficient in terms of speed, while strengthening an element of business relationship that helps brokers outperform retail competitors who typically operate through a call center.

By giving brokers constant access to small teams of regional operations staff, Homepoint will also reduce contact points for its broker partners, making it easier to escalate service and inquiries.

Along with the investments the company has made in new technologies, closer alignment between its sales and operations staff aims to enable Homepoint to improve efficiency, resulting in shorter queue times, easier closings, and a self-service process aimed at positioning its broker partners. for sustainable growth in any market cycle.

“Six years ago, Homepoint was founded with the goal of creating a highly efficient and streamlined mortgage business that leverages third-party technology and a distributed network to deliver a people-centered mortgage lending experience that can thrive in any market cycle,” adds Shoemaker. “Even though we were opportunists during last year’s refinancing boom, we also continued to invest in the processes and systems needed to realize our vision. The launch of Homepoint Amplify represents the realization of this investment as Homepoint implements technology and service models to fulfill its vision of being the best mortgage lender for customers and partners. “


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