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SIMY VALLEY, CA Aug 2, 2021 (GLOBE NEWS) – Homepie, Inc®, a provider of self-service tools for home buyers and sellers looking to transact without a real estate broker, has announced the launch of its latest innovation in real estate, a digital bidding and negotiation tool for home purchase contracts.

Homepie is an innovative technological response to the high market demand for space that allows home buyers and sellers to connect directly with each other. Many people are surprised to learn that there is no law requiring a home seller to work with a licensed agent to sell their property. In most cases, people choose to work with an experienced and knowledgeable professional as they navigate the process of finding a buyer and closing the deal to sell their home, but the agent’s primary role is to help negotiate the deal. So what if home buyers and sellers choose to take the reins?

The Homepie website and web app provide a secure and reliable platform for online negotiation of real estate transactions directly from the seller. It is the right choice for those looking to personally coordinate and manage contracts; all legal paperwork, forms and paperwork required for real estate transactions are available to consumers at Homepie.com – along with home advertisements on many websites including MLS, Zillow, Redfin and hundreds of others.

According to Brad Rice, CEO of Homepie, “There are about nine key points to consider when submitting a home offer. These are the so-called conditions of the offer and contingencies. ” Anyone can submit a home offer on Homepie.com with a simple wizard that comes with helpful tips and videos explaining each element; it is fully supported by the exceptional live support from the Homepie team.

Upon submission, the seller at home is immediately notified that the offer has been received and is presented with a handy comparison view that allows the seller to rank the offers as they see fit. Best of all, Homepie’s negotiation platform allows buyer and seller to manage all counter offers using the same process.

Karlovy Vary homeowners, David Benton and his wife, listed my house on Homepie Friday afternoon. Over the weekend, the property was inspected by approximately 16 buyers, five of whom submitted offers. The Bentons used Homepie’s wizards to negotiate several counter offers, and then accepted the final buyer’s offer of $ 1.350 million on Sunday evening; that was $ 250,000 more than their $ 1.1 million asking price. Using Homepie, Benton’s presented themselves on the sale but paid 2% commission to the buyer’s agent, which saved a whopping $ 54,000 by not paying the listing agent commission.

About Homepie

Homepie is the place where savvy consumers turn to commission-free help when buying or selling homes. Today, almost one in ten home sales transactions are already carried out directly between the buyer and the seller without the involvement of a real estate agent. Now, with Homepie’s central online marketplace and an easy step-by-step process, anyone can do the same with confidence. Homepie has all the tools for listing, marketing, searching, browsing, proposing, negotiating, and automatically creating a digitally signed purchase agreement. Best of all, they offer buyers a 100% free Homepie list as the recommended service providers (photography, insurance, inspectors, etc.) cover the costs. Homepie takes the hassle and guesswork out of buying and selling a home. Find out how on homepie.com

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