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As technology advances, we see its impact in lowering workloads for many business owners. Reducing workload allows business owners to devote more time to the most important aspects of their business, such as generating income. This is especially true in industries where most of the money is made from meeting customer needs and closing deals without much administration.

The real estate / mortgage industry is a great example of one such industry. Instead of closing deals, real estate and mortgage professionals often spend a significant amount of time managing their marketing, cold calls, billboards, and lead generation, often to no avail. Instead of wasting time on these things, they should focus on meeting potential clients, which is where they make money.

Two entrepreneurs who are building a company that uses technology to offer digital marketing and other services to real estate and mortgage professionals are Yaman Abuibayd and Joseph Ierfino. These two men are the founders Deluxe Real Estate Marketing and RECODemand

Early start

Yaman Abuibayd, one of the co-founders of Deluxe Realty Marketing, has taken a different path into the real estate world. Growing up, he was a computer programming prodigy, winning various national competitions throughout his high school years. As he got older, he began to realize the commercial value of the skills he had acquired. As a result, he started developing websites for companies.

As part of one of these projects, he met Joseph Ierfino, a digital marketing professional. Joseph got an assignment from a real estate company to work on their digital marketing. The duo were very young and had never taken on such high-profile work before. However, they decided to accept the challenge.

Abuybeid and Ierfino have worked tirelessly, using their technical expertise to implement unique digital marketing processes that are different from the traditional forms of marketing the team has used in the past. After several months of launching new campaigns with constant optimization by data capture and A / B testing of demographic targeting, their client said that of all the companies they worked with, Abuibaid and Ierfino were by far the best. long shot. In addition, their marketing strategies have brought the real estate team a tenfold return on investment. This review gave them the incentive to focus on the digital marketing niche for the real estate and mortgage industry, in which they founded Deluxe Realty Marketing.

Business development

The early days of the business were tough. Finding the first customers required a significant amount of cold calls and sending emails. Ironically, this was exactly the time they wanted to get rid of for their future clients. They leveraged their digital marketing expertise and over time developed a strategy to fill their calendars with appointments several weeks in advance. They were able to automate this process and gradually build a commission-only sales team while maintaining high closing rates.

Like their first real estate client, they consistently received feedback from new clients that their digital marketing strategies were attracting significantly more leads than other methods. After some time, demand reached the point where they knew they needed to optimize operations, so Yaman asked his older brother, Ahmed, to lead operations management.

Ahmed has experience in information technology and extensive experience in this field. After spending months planning processes and building systems, they were able to offer a full range of digital marketing services and serve a significant number of customers without compromising the quality of their offering. This approach paid significant dividends as they continued to grow.


Today, Deluxe Realty Marketing has a team of 47 employees, including marketers, data analysts, copywriters and development professionals who manage advertising campaigns for mortgage and real estate professionals. These professionals use their clients’ monthly marketing budgets to drive real growth through optimized and hyper-targeted ad campaigns on digital ad platforms.

While the mainstream digital marketing offering has had significant success over the past few years, the guys had plans to enter the educational space in their niche. They realized that teaching them high-impact digital marketing strategies would be an incredible go-to-market offer.

So they set up a new company, RECODemandwhich stands for Real Estate Commissions on Demand.

The team spent about nine months developing the curriculum. The program connects the client with an expert from the marketing department for personalized training. The curriculum includes training in the use of advertising platforms, automation tools to reduce time spent on tasks, access to the most effective advertising campaigns, the most effective offers and marketing methods. To date, hundreds of real estate and mortgage professionals have completed the training program with outstanding results. RECODemand is one of the fastest growing educational technology companies in North America.

Abuibide and Ierfino now run RECODemand and Deluxe Realty Marketing together. The companies complement each other and work synergistically. So, whether the company wants to do real estate / mortgage marketing for them or they want to learn how to do it themselves, Abuibaid, Ierfino and their companies can help them.


Looking ahead, the company focuses on adding services that go beyond a full range of marketing services to make life easier for real estate and mortgage professionals. For example, after working with their clients, they noticed other time consuming and tedious activities in which they can help their clients. One of these activities is customer service; Many real estate agents spend a lot of time talking to potential clients on the phone. So they slowly hired, trained and built their call center, which acts as a customer assistant with a monthly subscription. This allowed real estate and mortgage professionals to have a highly skilled virtual assistant on their team for a fraction of the cost of a home assistant.

As a result, their new offering has cut an average of 7 hours of work per week for each client. Thus, allowing your client to focus on the most important aspects of their business and increase growth. At the same time, this new offering increased Deluxe Realty Marketing’s revenue by 30%.

By listening to customers, implementing processes and offering new services to retain customers and get recommendations, the guys built their business without funding. They have big plans to become a full-fledged back office for real estate agents, making them a company worth looking at in the industry.

Through hard work, creativity, innovation and dedication to mastering critical technologies, Yaman Abuibayd and Joseph Ierfino have been able to create two businesses that have changed the game in real estate and mortgage lending. Many companies and professionals in these industries have benefited immensely from partnerships with Deluxe Realty Marketing and RECODemand.

Abuybeid and Ierfino plan to further disrupt the real estate and mortgage industries by offering unparalleled services and training programs. They are true innovators and constantly work to stay at the forefront.


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