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MISSISSAOUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Canadian company AQRE, famous for its AQRE app and its technological approach to real estate, announced that it is shifting its focus to the creation of a new real estate platform AQRE Home, launched in August 2021. The decision came after months of an increase in Ethereum’s gas prices that delayed the relaunch of the company’s flagship product, the AQRE app. The company believes this shift will be beneficial in the long term as it allows time for market correction, provides additional investment opportunities for Chelle Coin holders, and kicks off a new phase of growth with new product offerings.

The transition to a new platform does not represent a major shift in the overall strategy of AQRE, but is a natural development. For a team of real estate experts, turning from a real estate investment app to a real estate market was a natural progression.

The AQRE team is a group of technology enthusiasts who saw the need for digital currencies in the real estate industry. When the company launched its initial Chelle Coin token offering in November 2018 and set up its investment app to pay out over-the-air (ETH) dividends, market conditions were much more optimal for such an undertaking. Two years later, high gas charges and a volatile cryptocurrency environment made this shift necessary.

“Based on Ethereum news updates, we believe gas charges will eventually return to manageable levels,” said CEO Ronis Harrison, “but high transaction costs have led to a significant change in plans at this point. With AQRE Home, we have built a new real estate product that does not rely on Ethereum, without detracting from our values ​​of transparency, accessibility or decentralization in real estate. ”

The new product, AQRE Home, is the latest to join the AQRE ecosystem, which consists of the AQRE App, AQRE Lending and Chelle Coin. Unlike the partial real estate investment that powers the AQRE app, AQRE Home provides Chelle Coin holders with a new platform to buy, sell and rent real estate using their tokens, dollars (USD) or bitcoins.

For real estate professionals and homeowners, the AQRE Home platform also allows you to manage all aspects of renting or selling real estate from a single location – without having to learn complex software or hire an expensive marketing manager. Get started and post your list on AQRE Home for free, what’s the fun part? For a limited time, the company offers a 30-day guarantee – they will sell or rent any property within 30 days of listing, or the transaction costs will be free!

“We always believe in delivering maximum value to our users,” added Harrison. “This is why we continue to innovate in real estate with a new line of products starting with AQRE Home.”

The AQRE team hopes that the new platform will enable users to stay connected with the company in anticipation of market adjustments, as well as provide additional time needed to ensure a smooth relaunch of the AQRE application.

Visit www.aqrehome.com, connect to social media at @AQREApp or check out the company’s blog at www.aqrehome.com/blog/

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