Hewlett Harbor Resident John Novello Also Guilty Of Mortgage Fraud | Herald Community Newspapers



On the same day, July 23, Hewlett Harbor resident John Novello pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $ 60,000 from the Cedarhurst Republican Committee. He was arrested again on mortgage fraud charges. Novello pleaded guilty to two counts of grand larceny – one for embezzling money from the Republican Party and the other for undeclared mortgage fraud.

It is expected to return $ 41,000 Cedarherst Republican Committee before he is sentenced to Judge Teresa Corrigan on 27 September. Novello is expected to receive a suspended sentence for both crimes. He was released on recognizance not to leave.

Novello, 53, was charged with second-degree grand theft, four counts of third-degree theft, two counts of petty theft, and four counts of breaking the law. Election lawwhen originally arrested in September 2019 on charges of stealing political committee money.

Mortgage fraud involved Novello in several false statements regarding the purchase of a home at 320 Heather Lane in St. Hewlett Harbor, including stating that the house would not be occupied by the owner, it was bought only as an investment, and he bought property and took out a loan as part of his business venture with the intention to renovate and then sell the property.

Bank loans totaling $ 1,090 million were issued on the basis of false information. These actions took place between August 7, 2017 and March 5, 2019. Novello reportedly acted in concert with others whose names are not listed in the official crime complaint.

Former resident of Sedarhurst was deputy commissioner Hempstead town Department of Buildings until he was fired in February, and former Chief of Staff of State Legislator Melissa Miller, a Republican from Atlantic Beach.

Novello also ran as a trustee for Hewlett Harbor in 2018 and has campaigned for trustee in Hewlett Harbor and Lawrence in recent years.


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