Help in paying bills, mortgage.



LACROSS – The Whitman County The Community Action Center offers assistance to county residents who have been unable to pay their water and electricity bills or mortgage bills.

Center staff visit Lacrosse, Rosalia, Malden, Tekoahand Albion over the next two weeks to meet with residents in need of help.

The schedule is as follows:

• Saturday 21 August – Lacrosse, 11:00 to 14:00, 111 N. Main St.

• Wednesday 25 August – Rosalia Methodist Church, 214 S. Whitman Avenue, 9-11 am; Malden Town Hall, Avenue W. Moreland, 204, from noon to 14:00.

• Thursday 26 August – Tekoah City Hall, 419 N. Washington St., 8 am to noon; Albion Town Hall, 310 N. F St., 15: 30-18: 00

To make an appointment, call 509-334-9147.


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