Healthcare, employment agencies are the largest local recipients of PPP loans



MOSES LAKE – A Survey of US Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Data for Grant and Adams Counties shows that the largest payroll protection loans in the region went to clinics, hospitals, farm employment agencies and large farms. But loans have helped other businesses as well.

Matt Moore, one of the co-owners of Moore Furniture in Efrat, which took out a $ 151,400 PPP loan in early 2020 for nine jobs, said the family-owned company took out the loan to keep people in the state and also because early on, the situation was so uncertain. in a pandemic.

“We gave it up from the beginning and weren’t completely sure if we would shut down or not,” Moore said.

Moore said the funds were particularly important in retaining truck drivers, who had to introduce a number of new security measures when delivering furniture and appliances.

“We’ve improved our delivery team pretty well. They had to use protection and more caution, and also make sure they were more careful, ”Moore said.

Although Moore said his company repaid part of the loan, ProPublica lists the loan as “written off from December 17, 2020.”

The PPP was initiated under the $ 2.2 trillion Coronavirus, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed by Congress at the end of March 2020. and 24 weeks for companies to keep running and people getting paid while businesses were closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. Loans can be forgiven if at least 60% is spent on payroll and no employee is fired or their wages are cut.

Two rounds of PPP loans were funded, one in 2020 and one in 2021, with a number of companies applying for and receiving two loans.

“PPP is the biggest thing we’ve done in agency history,” said Melanie Norton, deputy director of the SBA’s Seattle office. “It provides the peace of mind to keep things moving and that was the most important thing we’ve heard from companies.”

The largest PPP loan in Grant County was $ 4.1 million to Moses Lake Community Health Center in April 2020, followed by 3 $ 8 million was provided by REC Solar Silicon and then $ 1.8 million to D&L Holdco, owners of D&L Foundry on Road 3 Northeast.

The Moses Lake Community Health Center has 312 employees, REC has 78 employees, and D&L has 171. According to data available on ProPublica’s website, ProPublica’s website tracks loan recipients and status. all loans over USD 150,000.

Both Federalpay and ProPublica analyzed publicly available data that can be downloaded from the SBA’s website.

Other major recipients in Zip Code 98837 (Lake Moses Area) were Omni Staffing Services ($ 1.5 million for 179 jobs), Ag World Support Systems ($ 1.4 million for 169 jobs), Lad Irrigation Company (1, $ 1 million for 97 jobs) and an employment agency. R & SL Inc. ($ 1 million for 476 jobs).

As of the end of May 2021, the SBA has lent nearly $ 800 billion nationwide – $ 277 billion in 2021 alone – to 11.8 million borrowers, and has written off those $ 280 billion so far, according to the SBA.

In the Quincy area, the largest recipients were fruit processor Morgans of Washington ($ 2.1 million for 205 jobs), Stetner Electric ($ 2 million for 74 jobs) and consulting firm Above the Dirt ($ 1.6 million for 254 jobs). ).

In the Efrat area, the largest recipients were Grant County Hospital District 3 / Basin Columbia Hospital ($ 1.9 million for 145 jobs) and Willow Drive Nursery ($ 1.6 million for 137 jobs).

In Royal City, the two largest PPP recipients were Royal Ridge Fruit & Cold Storage ($ 1.3 million for 149 jobs) and Lawrence Orchards, which received two loans totaling $ 1.4 million for approximately 175 jobs.

At Warden, the two largest recipients were S&C Ranching ($ 1 million for 103 jobs) and Russet King Potato Company ($ 1 million for 159 jobs).

In Mattawa, the largest PPP recipients were vegetable and melon producer Del Christensen and Sons (applying as Tatoes LLC), which received two loans of approximately $ 940,000 each, totaling $ 1.8 million for approximately 80 jobs, and Sonrise Orchards, which also received two loans. – 927 thousand dollars in 2021 and 815 thousand dollars in 2020 – for 135 jobs.

In Othello, the largest PPP recipient was the Columbia Basin Health Association, which received a single loan of nearly $ 4 million for 373 jobs, Rangeview Ag Labor, which received two loans of approximately $ 1 million each for about 150 jobs, and Dorsing Farms who received one loan of $ 1.4 million for 120 jobs.

Outside the major cities, PPP loans have declined significantly. In Soapoe Ozero, the largest loan was provided by McKay Healthcare and Reservation / Public Hospital District 4 at $ 464,000 for 35 jobs. In Wilson Creek, no loans exceeded $ 40,000.

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