Halstatt Real Estate Partners Announces Soltura on the Forum



NAPLES, FL – () – Halstatt Real Estate Partners, a private real estate investment firm, announced today that it will provide capital to create a residential complex for the rental of single-family homes in Fort Myers, Florida. Soltura at the Forum will present 129 apartments supported by a club, public social and fitness rooms, a swimming pool, a campfire and a dog park. The property is located in the masterplanned Forum community with restaurants, retail, educational and medical facilities, retirement homes, residential areas and public parks.

“Soltura is offering this submarket an exciting new offer at the Forum – single family homes that can be rented out. We are attracted to this emerging asset class, given the changing living preferences of tenants that have been accelerated by COVID, ”he said. Katie Sproul, CEO of Halstatt. “This is one of the first build rental communities being built in Southwest Florida and we are excited to bring this rental alternative to the market.”

Halstatt Real Estate Partners is providing capital to finance the project in partnership with a Southwest Florida developer, Soltura Development Group… Each of the 129 single-family rental homes will have its own courtyard and a reliable package of utilities. The apartments are a mix of one, two and three bedroom residences offered as grouped horizontal cottages. This differentiated offer provides residents with the affordability and convenience of apartment living with all the benefits of living in a single family home.

“We continue to monitor important demographic trends and are constantly looking for opportunities that are at the heart of growing consumer needs. Older millennials are starting families and moving to the suburbs in search of more space and affordable housing, ”said Steve Giannaccone, director of Halstatt Real Estate Partners. “We are delighted to partner with Soltura Development Group to provide this much needed rental alternative and are confident that we will continue to see demand in this growing segment of products.”

Halstatt Real Estate Partners identifies value-added and profitable real estate projects in Florida, Southeast and Texas. The company works with project sponsors to develop and implement a strategic business improvement and overhaul plan to maximize development and demand-driven investment opportunities.

About Halstatt Real Estate Partners

Halstatt Real Estate Partners (“HREP”), a women-owned private real estate investment firm, has been involved in the acquisition and development of over $ 1 billion in assets in the southeast of the country since 2011. Founded by the Sproul family of Naples, Florida and proud of the Barron Gift Collier heritage in Southwest Florida, HREP invests in mid-market, complementary and profitable commercial and residential real estate projects. HREP works with best-in-class local and regional manufacturing partners to maximize the value of its real estate investment. HREP invests with a variety of institutional limited partners from foundation to foundation, including philanthropic foundations and foundations, domestic and international family offices, and corporate retirement funds with a history of succession. www.halstatt.com


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