Hall Financial provides five star service to help clients with mortgages.



The housing market continues to be hot and those looking to sell or buy a home want to be in good hands when it comes to financing.

Thousands of people turn to Hall Financial for this, and for good reason. They are obsessed with providing high quality customer service with fast closings so buyers can compete in the hot housing market. David Hall joins Morning Mix to share Hall Financial’s services to help people fulfill their dream of their own home.

Hall Financial is committed to providing its clients with the fastest possible service without sacrificing accuracy or professionalism. With nearly 4,000 reviews giving the mortgage company five-star ratings, clients always leave Hall Financial satisfied with their results.

Hall Financial’s unique process and advanced technology allows most loans to be closed without the need for an appraisal, saving the client up to $ 750. Most loans close within 10 business days or less.

In addition to providing five-star mortgages, they can also connect home buyers with a top realtor in their area to help navigate the competitive housing market.

Hall Financial is open on weekends and its team of mortgage experts is available seven days a week.

To learn more about the services that Hall Financial offers, visit callhallfirst.com or by phone (616) -900-9898.

This segment is sponsored by Hall Financial.


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