Guidehouse launches FTA operation to support SBA’s largest loan program



WASHINGTON, August 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Guide, a leading global provider of consulting services to the public sector and commercial clients, announced today that he has begun working as a Tax Transfer Agent (FTA) on behalf of the US Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan 7 (a) Program and Secondary Market.

Guidehouse in joint business relationships with Wells Fargo, Information Analysis Incorporated (IAI), Select Computing, Inc. and LeapPoint was hired to operate and modernize the business processes and technology platform that support the agency’s flagship loan program.

After transferring the FTA program to the SBA for more than a year, Guidehouse will perform loan servicing, technology upgrades and financial services for SBA loan programs, which have grown to over 7,500 lenders and nearly one trillion in assets.

“The SBA’s vision for the FTA is to establish a true public-private partnership that enables the industry to advance the demands for modernized systems and market transparency,” said Steve Kuharsky, Director of the Office of Performance and Systems Management (OPSM) SBA.

“With the support of the SBA’s Capital Access Authority for nearly a decade, Guidehouse has been honored to be selected to deliver a one-time system, process and technology transformation,” he said. Scott McIntyre, CEO of Guidehouse. “OPSM’s vision for stakeholder engagement puts them at the forefront of providing financial services to the public sector and only fosters their spirit of ‘do’, which many will recall did the impossible in implementing the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) last year.”

Guidehouse and its partners will combine their unique SBA experience, extensive federal lending authority, deep knowledge of enterprise architecture, and large-scale technology upgrades to position SBA lending programs for the future. Guidehouse has set itself the goal of establishing SBA 7 (a) and the secondary market as a benchmark for federal lending programs across the government.

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