Griffin Institutional Access® Real Estate Fund Announces Second Quarter Income Distribution



El Segundo, California – () – Griffin Capital Company, LLC announced today, on behalf of the Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund (the “Fund” – NASDAQ: GIREX, GCREX, GRIFX, GLREX, GMREX), a second quarter distribution of $ 0.352 per Class A share (NASDAQ: GIREX ), $ 0.337 per class C share (NASDAQ: GCREX), $ 0.357 per class I share (NASDAQ: GRIFX), $ 0.349 per class L share (NASDAQ: GLREX) and $ 0.344 per class M share (NASDAQ: GMREX) or 5.22% annual distribution percentage*… The distribution was paid on June 25, 2021 to shareholders registered as of June 17, 2021, with a dividend payment date of June 18, 2021.

We are pleased with the Fund’s performance and continue to see attractive investment opportunities in both the public and private real estate markets, ”said Dr. Randy Anderson, CEO of asset management firm Griffin Capital. “We believe that in an environment characterized by excessive variation in returns across markets and sectors, active managers can benefit investors. We have identified a significant portion of the Fund’s assets by sector, which we believe should benefit from favorable long-term growth trends. ”

Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund Class I (NASDAQ: GRIFX) shares yielded a positive return of 9.03% YTD through June 25, 2021, limiting the subsequent one-year period during which Class I Fund shares (NASDAQ: GRIFX) the total income was 13.37%. Since its inception, the Fund has received positive returns in 25 of 27 quarters with an annual volatility (standard deviation) of 3.16%, which is approximately the standard deviation of the Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index (3.14%) as of May 31,

one. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The return on investment and the underlying cost will fluctuate. When repurchased, the shares may be worth more or less than the original value. Foundation creation date: 30.06.14. Data source: Morningstar Direct. The income data uses the share of the Class I Fund (NASDAQ: GRIFX) and reflects the reinvestment of dividends and other distributions. As of May 31, 2021, the annual return on Class I shares was 10.84%, and the five-year annual return was 5.56%. Since the inception of the Fund from 06/30/14 to 05/31/21, the shares of the First Class Fund had a standard deviation of 3.16%; The S&P recorded a standard deviation of 14.26% over the same period.

About Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund

The Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund, a closed interval fund registered under the Investment Companies Act 1940, is an actively managed portfolio of private real estate funds and real estate government securities diversified by ownership type and geographic location, offering daily prices and periodic liquidity at the value of net assets. The fund will make quarterly offers to buy back 5% to 25% of its outstanding shares at net asset value. The fund advises Griffin Capital Advisor, LLC (“GCA”). GCA is registered as an investment advisor with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) under the provisions of the Investment Advisers Act 1940, as amended. GCA is an indirectly controlling subsidiary of Griffin Capital Company, LLC. SEC registration does not imply SEC approval and does not imply a specific level of skill or training.

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* The Fund distribution rate is the amount, expressed as a percentage, that the Fund investor would receive upon distribution if the most recent Fund distribution remained unchanged in the future. It is calculated by recalculating the year of the most recent distribution of the Fund. The percentage represents one distribution from the Fund and does not reflect the total profit of the Fund. The Fund’s distribution policy provides for quarterly payments to shareholders. Part of the distribution includes return on capital. See Fund’s Latest Section 19 (a) Notice, available at www.griffincapital.comand the Fund’s semi-annual or annual reports filed with the SEC for more information on the composition of the distribution. Shareholders should not assume that the source of distribution from the Fund is net income. Although such an allocation is not currently taxed, such an allocation would lower the shareholder’s tax base on the shares, which would increase the tax liability on the sale of shares, even if they did not increase in value or, in fact, lost value. Distribution is not guaranteed.

About Griffin Capital Company, LLC2

Griffin Capital is a privately held alternative investment asset management company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1995, Griffin Capital has owned, operated, sponsored or co-sponsored investment programs with over $ 20 billion in assets. The company’s senior management and employees have jointly invested more than $ 300 million in various investment verticals, aligning Griffin’s interests with those of its more than 200,000 investors.

The company leverages the breadth and depth of its cycle-proven investment management teams to capitalize on long-term economic trends and long-term growth opportunities in real estate and global corporate lending through interval funds and private equity strategies. Investors can access these investment solutions exclusively through independent and insurance broker-dealers, national communications agencies and registered investment advisors.

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2. As of March 31, 2021

It is neither an offer to sell nor a call to buy any security. Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, fees and costs of the Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund. This and other important information about the Fund is contained in the prospectus, which can be obtained by visiting… Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The return on investment and the underlying cost will fluctuate. When repurchased, the shares may be worth more or less than the original value. Results include reinvestment of distributions and reflect management fees and other costs. Since Class I (NASDAQ: GRIFX) shares started investing on August 10, 2015, the above performance information is a PROFORMA indicator for the period from June 30, 2014 to October 10, 2015 based on performance information. Class A no-load shares (NASDAQ: GIREX), which have a different cost structure than Class I shares. For the period from 06/30/14 to 10/8/15, the performance information on the Class A Fund shares has been adjusted to reflect the costs applicable to the class I shares. I because Class I shares have a lower expense ratio than expenses. the ratio of Class A shares The performance of Class A shares has been adjusted to exclude the costs of servicing shareholders and any voluntary refusal or reimbursement of the Fund’s expenses by the Fund’s investment advisor that may have occurred in the periods prior to the commencement of transactions with Class I shares. Since both Class A shares, and Class I shares are invested in the same portfolio, the Class I Fund shares will have similar returns to Class A shares. In this respect, returns will differ only if the classes do not have the same costs. Actual yield on Class 1 shares is shown from 11/8/15 to the above dates. The assets and securities held in indices and similar funds may differ from the assets and securities held in the Fund and will therefore have different risk and reward profiles. An investment cannot be made in an index that is not managed and has a return that does not reflect any trading, management or other costs. Fund performance does not reflect the deduction of all fees, including third party broker fees or third party investment advisory fees, paid by investors to a financial intermediary for brokerage services. If the deduction of such fees was reflected, the performance would be lower. The results shown do not reflect the deduction of taxes that a shareholder would pay on the distribution of the Fund or the buyback of the Fund’s shares. The most recent performances are available at www.griffincapital. com or call 888.926.2688.

Foundation date – 30.06.2014. According to the fund’s prospectus dated February 1, 2021, the total annual expense ratio is 1.75% for first class shares. The Counselor and the Fund entered into a cost capping agreement until at least February 1, 2022, whereby the Contractual Counselor agreed to waive his fees and pay or cover the Fund’s normal annual operating expenses (including placement costs, but excluding taxes., Interest , brokerage fees, commissions and expenses of attracted funds and extraordinary expenses) to the extent that they exceed 1.66% for class I shares. The fund is a closed interval fund, the shares do not have a public trading history, and the shares are not expected to be listed on a public exchange at this time. The development of the secondary market is not expected for the Fund’s shares. Limited liquidity is provided to shareholders only through the Fund’s quarterly offers to repurchase at least 5% and not more than 25% of the Fund’s shares outstanding at net asset value. There is no guarantee that an investor will be able to sell all shares that he wishes to sell as part of a buyback offer. The return on investment and the underlying value of the investment will fluctuate, so the investor’s shares may be worth more or less than the original value when bought back. Due to these restrictions, the investor must view the investment in the Fund as limited liquidity. The Fund is only suitable for investors who may bear the risks associated with the limited liquidity of the Fund and should be considered a long-term investment. Investing in the Fund is speculative and carries a high degree of risk, including risks associated with leverage and the risk of significant loss of investment. There is no guarantee that investment strategies will work in all market conditions.

This material has been distributed for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice or recommendation on any particular security, strategy or investment product, or used for any other purpose. The information in this document has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but not guaranteed. This material represents views as of the date of publication and is subject to change without notice.


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