Greater San Jose village plan is being revised and modified



SAN JOSE. In a large mixed-use village in southwest San Jose, the approach has been revamped and redesigned to include housing as well as commercial use – and the preservation of the well-known carousel sign.

This week, the fourth plan for the complete redevelopment of Cambrian Park Plaza in San Jose, a neighborhood shopping mall with a revolving carousel sign, emerged this week.

Affordable homes, retirement homes, townhouses and apartments, shops, restaurants, a hotel and a large main square are key components of the renovation, according to project information released this week by San Jose City Councilor Pam Foley.

The carousel will be preserved as part of the project.

Cambrian Park Plaza, view of the central square next to the proposed residences, concept. // City of San Jose

The renovation is moving forward even after Kimco Realty’s deal to buy Weingarten Realty Investors in a deal that allows Kimco to own all of Weingarten’s assets and real estate, including the Cambrian Park Plaza building site.

Cambrian Park Plaza: main square, retirement home (left), multi-purpose residential building with shops on the lower floor (center) and hotel (right), concept. // City of San Jose

“Kimco has hired a team from Weingarten to continue the Cambrian Park Plaza revival,” Councilor Foley wrote in a web post. “This project is still developing and the new owner continues to perfect it.”

In the new set of plans, the Kimco-Weingarten team agreed to redesign and update the project so that the construction of some three-story homes does not occur next to a group of existing single-family homes that border the project site.

“This positive change was made to mitigate the negative impact on these neighbors,” Fowley wrote in her post. “With this last submission, we can confirm that our request has been reviewed and approved by the owner.”

The relocation of the proposed homes is considered beneficial for residents of existing homes on Bercaw Lane.

New Cambrian Park Plaza Single Family Homes on a proposed new street that will run alongside existing apartment buildings, concept. // City of San Jose

“Most of the new three-story homes will be adjacent to commercial buildings or multi-story single-family buildings,” Foley said.

Affordable homes are now likely to be part of the development, although these plans are not yet fully developed.

“Our office is asking the applicant to build at least some affordable housing on site,” Council member Foley said.

The developer agrees with the concept of affordable housing within the project.


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