Graduate School of Real Estate Review 2021



Superior School of Real Estate is a real estate school that offers classes on campuses throughout North Carolina as well as online courses. Its goal is to help real estate professionals of all levels and career stages achieve their goals and receive the best possible education through whatever training format they choose. They are part of a family of brands that have helped over two million professionals continue their real estate education.

When choosing a lesson format, you should take into account your learning style. If you thrive on the energy of personal learning or are not particularly tech savvy, then choose classes on one of the school’s campuses in North Carolina.

Explanation of the pros

  • The Career Center section on their website: Explore the entire section of the website for career resources, tips, ideas, and useful information about taking the exam.
  • Courses offered on campus: You can take full advantage of classroom activities and network with fellow students and faculty on one of the school’s campuses.
  • Available instructors: Each instructor has their own working hours only for students who need help or have questions. They publish this watch online for students to watch.

Explanation of cons

  • No online chat function: You cannot chat with a customer service agent anytime online, instead you need to either write to the school or call during business hours.
  • Only available in one condition: Classes are only offered in North Carolina, so if you want to do real estate in another state, you will need to choose a different school.
  • No mobile app: You can’t open an app on your phone and take courses on the go. Instead, you will need to download the course to your computer.

Available courses

Graduate School of Real Estate offers pre-licensing real estate agent courses, brokerage courses, exam preparation and refresher courses. All courses are offered in North Carolina online or in class at one of their campuses. The main campus is in Charlotte, while the secondary campuses are in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Durham. In addition, the school offers mortgage broker classes, including licensing courses, exam preparation, and mortgage refresher courses.


Face-to-face classes will resume on all five campuses in September 2021. Contact the school for more information.

Seller and broker pre-licensing

Pre-licensed seller courses are offered online in one-to-one or live format, or in real classrooms at one of their five campuses across North Carolina. You can take individual pre-licensed courses, such as Real Estate Principles and Practice, or purchase them as a package. If you choose the one-to-one course, you will need to purchase the required book separately, which is $ 47, but all packages include all textbooks and course materials. These materials will be sent to you prior to the start of the course if you are enrolled in an online course. Courses are six months long and include the required 75 hours of pre-licensing lessons.

In most states, a real estate seller is called an agent, but in North Carolina he is called a broker. This should not be confused with the responsible broker who runs the office and whose license is required to conduct real estate brokerage. The course packs for sellers and brokers cost $ 479.

Post-licensed classes

In North Carolina, post-license courses are required. These are one-time courses approved by the state. They are different from continuing education and must be completed before renewing the license for the first time. Post-licensed course packages meet North Carolina requirements and cost $ 269 for 30 hours. This is different from continuing education and is only required for new licensees renewing their licenses for the first time.

Exam preparation

CompuCram is an exam preparation course offered by the Graduate School of Real Estate. It is designed to help you pass the exam for the first time. It combines vocabulary, comprehensive exam simulators and practice tests. It also has a vocabulary overview and a readiness indicator to show you how ready you are for the exam and what else you need to work on. There is a 100% pass guarantee or it’s free. However, you need to contact the school for complete information on how this policy works.

There are three courses to choose from, ranging in price from $ 49 to $ 89. You can choose a state course, a national course, or a course that combines state and national courses. All exam preparation classes are offered online.

Continuing education

The Graduate School of Real Estate offers online government-approved continuing education courses created by industry experts. You can choose one of the self-paced or online courses and purchase them as a package or as individual lessons. The four-hour classes cost $ 75 each, and the package is $ 199. The package includes unlimited access to essential training courses, as well as support materials, webinars, training videos and various discounts offered by industry partners. Some of the course topics include agency law, ethics, and investor relations.

Course format

All upper-level courses are offered online in self-study or live streaming format. Pre-licensed classes are offered in person at their North Carolina campuses. You can purchase individual classes and books separately, or you can purchase a course package that includes all course materials. They also include practice exams, topic overviews, glossaries, pointers, and quizzes. Online courses also include videos and interactive instructions.


All instructors are industry veterans with years of hands-on experience in whatever topic they teach. Some of the trainers are trained lecturers, corporate trainers, and mortgage lenders. Each instructor has an online biography with photos, education, and career backgrounds. You can reach them during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. In addition, each instructor has his own working hours. They will indicate their working hours online so that students can contact them with any questions during this time. Some instructors have working hours in the morning, while others have until 7 pm.


The Graduate School of Real Estate has a positive reputation for online and full-time school with positive student feedback and high exam passing rates. He is also backed by the industry-leading school and the Real Estate Express family of brands, further enhancing his reputation.

The student reviews on the website are positive and highlight the different class formats that allow students to attend classes on a busy schedule. Students also report that the instructors are interesting and help them memorize information easily. The website is easy to navigate and has additional resources, FAQs, and a career center.


The Graduate School of Real Estate offers one-to-one and online courses at competitive prices. Individual exam preparation courses start at $ 49. Refresher courses, purchased individually, are priced at $ 75 for four-hour lessons with packages priced at $ 199. Pre-licensing course packs cost $ 479 for the required 75 hours plus an additional four hours of material. Post-licensed course packages cost $ 269. Regardless of the format, pre-licensed courses cost the same.

Customer service

You can contact the Graduate School of Real Estate customer service on their website or by calling 1-877-944-4260. Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, and are closed on weekends. You can also email them or request a course change, request a receipt, or receive a certificate via email on their website.

Competition: Graduate School of Real Estate vs. Kaplan.

Kaplan is one of the largest, most respected and respected online education providers. It offers both online licensing and on-demand real estate licensing, exam preparation and continuing education courses. We decided to compare Kaplan and the Graduate School of Real Estate because both schools offer real estate courses in North Carolina. Kaplan offers courses in real estate in all 50 states, while Superior offers courses in only one state: North Carolina. Both schools have one-to-one and live virtual classrooms to choose from, but Superior also offers in-class courses.

Overall, we recommend choosing Kaplan because you can choose from hundreds of course topics, there are affordable tuition fees, and it is a well-known online education provider with a long history that offers different course formats for different learning styles in all 50 states. It is also convenient to be able to attend courses in different subjects from the same provider.

Graduate School of Real Estate Kaplan
Pricing $ 479 pre-licensing fee in North Carolina $ 449 + pre-licensing fee in North Carolina
Courses offered Real estate licensing, continuing education, exam preparation and mortgage broker classes Real estate licensing, exam preparation, continuing education and more
Number of Courses Offered by State one fifty
Course format Online and in the classroom Live online and on demand

Final verdict

The Graduate School of Real Estate is a great option if you are interested in taking online courses or face-to-face courses in real estate in North Carolina. Its price is equal to the price charged by other schools for licensed courses in North Carolina. The school has helpful career resources, licensing information, answers to frequently asked questions, and several convenient ways to contact support. It also offers special instructor hours. The school is owned by one of the leading national educational brands in the real estate industry. So, if you are looking to get a real estate license in North Carolina, this is definitely an option worth considering.

Our Methodology: How We Review Real Estate Schools

Our methodology is based on a quantitative approach. When we review real estate schools, we carefully analyze various aspects of each provider, including their overall reputation, the types of courses offered, courses offered by state, the cost of each course, and the cost of course packages, if any. We also compare instructor qualifications, class formats, course and individual package options, former student reviews, and third-party ratings. In addition, we consider whether the school is accredited, what additional features it has, and how easy it is to navigate its website.


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