Governor grants Fulton a cold snap loan in February





Gov. Mike Parson on Tuesday presented the City of Fulton with a check for the Emergency Municipal Utilities Loan Program in response to surges in electricity costs during the February cold snap.

Watch a replay of the live broadcast from the event.

He was joined by Drew Buntin, acting director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Lowe Cannell, Mayor of Fulton, and Darrell Dunlap, Fulton’s Superintendent.

The Emergency Loan Program for Municipal Utilities is designed to help mitigate the impact of a cold snap in Mid Missouri in February. Fulton had to pay $ 3.4 million for natural gas in just a five-day period.

In May, Governor Parson signed into law $ 50 million in interest-free emergency loans.

About 52 municipalities have applied individually or through municipal communal commissions since the department began accepting applications on June 2. Fulton became the first municipality to receive a loan under the program.

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