Gov. Edwards Praises Federal Extension of Eviction Moratorium and Foreclosures



Governor John Bel Edwards supports the Biden administration’s extension of the federal moratorium on evictions until July 31, 2021. He urges all tenants, homeowners and homeowners facing ongoing economic hardship due to COVID-19 to take immediate steps to apply for government assistance in this regard. will help them solve their housing problems.

“We are grateful to President Joe Biden and his administration for extending this extra path of life for those still struggling with the pandemic,” Governor Edwards said. “It’s important that everyone who needs that extra time acts as soon as possible to get government assistance or explore mortgage repayment options, because this should be the final federal extension. While this will prevent evictions and ensure the stability of the home for another month, there are steps that tenants and homeowners struggling financially from COVID-19 can and should take now to protect themselves from possible eviction or foreclosure outside this extension. Louisiana will receive $ 146.7 million later this summer under the US Rescue Plan Act 2021 to help homeowners economically hit by the pandemic. ”

Tenants and Landlords

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a one-month extension of the eviction moratorium for tenants affected by COVID-19 until July 31.

Some 50,000 tenants and homeowners have already applied for assistance through the Louisiana Rental Emergency Assistance Program and similar programs run by Caddo, Calcasier, East Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Jefferson, Orleans and St Tammany Parishes. More than $ 10.7 million has been provided to renters and homeowners through a government-run emergency rental assistance program. The program, expanded in May to include utilities, provides financial support for late rents and utility bills starting in April 2020, as well as future rents for eligible applicants. For more information on the Louisiana Rental Assistance Program and how to access local programs, visit or call 877.459.6555, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Federal agencies supporting mortgage loans – the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Agriculture – have extended their respective moratoriums on mortgage loans until July 31, 2021. The Federal Housing Finance Agency also extended a moratorium on buyouts for Fannie-backed mortgages. May and Freddie Mac until July 31, 2021. While government homeowner assistance programs are still in the planning stages, homeowners struggling financially can temporarily suspend or reduce their mortgage payments by entering into a leniency agreement with their lenders.

Patience allows homeowners to pay off missed payments over time or when they refinance or sell their homes, and assistance options depend on who owns or maintains the mortgage, the programs they offer, and the eligibility criteria they set. To find out if the mortgage is Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or the federal government, homeowners can contact their loan agent or search the Internet. Homeowners who do not have a federally backed mortgage and are delaying payments are strongly advised to contact their mortgage employees to determine their options for abstaining. Visit Consumer Protection Bureau website for more information on extending the moratorium and preventing foreclosure.

Under the U.S. Coronavirus Relief, Assistance, and Economic Security Act, individuals servicing federally backed mortgages are required to exercise leniency for borrowers experiencing COVID difficulties for up to two consecutive 180-day periods. HUD, VA and USDA will continue to allow homeowners to abstain from COVID until September 30, 2021, while homeowners with mortgages secured by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac will also continue to be eligible for COVID abstinence. HUD, VA and USDA will announce additional steps in July to offer borrowers options to reduce payments that will allow more homeowners to stay in their homes.

Finally, later this summer, Louisiana will receive $ 146.7 million from the United States Bailout Plan Act through the Homeowners Assistance Fund, which is designed to prevent mortgage delays and defaults, foreclosures, loss of utility or home power, and homeowners relocation. financial difficulties after January 21, 2020. Louisiana is awaiting final instructions from the US Treasury Department to launch the program.


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