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After more than half a century of specializing in the real estate needs of Santa Fe, Barker Realty has joined the prestigious international real estate arena – Forbes Global Properties.

Now, the most luxurious properties in Santa Fe can grab the attention of potential buyers from all over the world on a specially designed online platform.

The origins of the Barker family business date back to N.B. Laughlin, who moved to Santa Fe in the 1880s and later served as a territorial Supreme Court judge. His grandson, Laughlin Barker, founded Barker Realty, and 50 years later, Laughlin’s son David becomes president of the company. Together with their wife, David and Lisa Barker continue the family legacy, representing and preserving the essence of Santa Fe property.

As City Different has witnessed more and more people moving here from another state, David Barker and his associates have recognized the need for a more national – perhaps even international – lens.

“We have noticed that over the past two years, as Santa Fe has gained more prominence and attention at the national level, some national brokerage companies have shown great interest in gaining representation and strengthening their position in the Santa Fe market,” says David Barker. “So we talked a lot and are conducting our own investigation. Was there a better platform to help us and our clients represent luxury properties? “

In December, renowned media brand Forbes launched the Forbes Global Properties consortium, an exclusive worldwide real estate network. The invitation-only venture, with approximately 100 members worldwide, provides luxury property buyers with a carefully curated list of renowned regional real estate companies and a platform to browse some of the most stunning properties around the world.

Joining this list as the 18th member, Barker Realty is the exclusive representative of Northern New Mexico and currently the only member of Forbes Global in the state.

Forbes Global Properties CEO Alex Lange notes that Santa Fe is a desirable market for the chain and the consortium’s clients.

“Santa Fe offers this world-class lifestyle that’s been around for decades,” he says.

According to Lange, Barker Realty was a perfect fit for the Forbes Global initiative, and not only because of their experience with luxury real estate.

“Barker has it all. They are creative and love to try new things, ”he adds. “They are trusted and focused on charity. They really rely on the community. This makes them the perfect partner. The name is important, not just beautiful houses. “

While it fluctuates by region, the chain focuses on homes that typically cost $ 2 million or more.

“When they reached out to us looking for strong independent talent to represent their platform, it was a conversation worth exploring,” says Kyle Klein, chief operating officer of Barker Realty. “We were impressed with what they planned to do. The timing was right to forge a partnership. “

A decisive factor for Barker Realty was Forbes’ commitment to using detailed analytics to drive the platform. “We instrumented everything,” says Lange. “We can track every click, every impression, and we have a very robust analytics program on the server.”

On this, a deal was struck with Barker Realty.

“The platform that Forbes Global Properties created was truly the first we have seen using smart marketing and analytics for decision making, compared to other organizations that could solely rely on brand awareness. The Forbes Group studies data and makes decisions based on it. We were particularly encouraged to work with them, ”says David Barker.

Despite their new association with the internationally renowned Forbes, Barker’s officials say locals can expect the same personal touch to the hometown that the company is proud of. Connecting to the network will not affect its performance.

“They don’t affect the way we do our business here in Santa Fe in any way,” says Klein. “We are still an independent family business and will remain so in the future. It is strictly a marketing platform that helps bring some properties to the next level, which was not there before. “

The platform will benefit both Santa Fe luxury property sellers and those looking to buy, Klein said.

“We’re thrilled to be able to showcase these homes on one of the largest web and print platforms,” he says. “This is a great offer for clients. We’re happy to give it to them. “

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