Ginger Busby: Los Angeles Real Estate



Ginger Busby’s father told her that she found her calling when she joined LAH Real Estate after years in a male-dominated oil and gas industry. Two and a half years later, it looks like he was right.

Ginger put her marketing degree and honed negotiating skills into practice and finished her second year at LAH as one of the top 30 real estate agents in the state. She also won the 2020 LAH Movers and Shakers Award.

When asked how she did it, Ginger replied that it required educating and preparing her clients, having excellent service and in-depth knowledge of the field.

“In the market for sellers, you need to be prepared for a lot of offers,” Ginger said. “This means getting prior approval, getting all your paperwork ready, and doing things like early review so you can make an offer independent of anything.”

In today’s marketplace, it’s not uncommon for buyers to have to compete for their dream home, but that doesn’t mean homeowners don’t need advice either.

“The key to getting a lot of bids in the seller’s market is having a strong marketing plan, making sure you are pricing your home correctly, and making sure you get the right buyers through the door quickly,” she said.

Busby knows how to assess the location, floor plan and condition of a home, and then choose a reasonable price that will attract strong buyers.

Whether you need help getting to the top of the offer list or putting together your home listing and getting your first offer, Ginger Busby can help you.


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