Fundloans – an individual approach to lending without QM



After working as a mortgage broker for about 20 years, Maddux realized he was attracted by loans that were “a little more complicated,” but he had enough industry experience to know what he was looking for from a lender and was convinced of it. there was “something missing.”

He said: “Most of the time lenders think of your loan as just another loan on their conveyor belt. A lender was required who cared more about these types of loans and provided this additional level of service. So we focused on these more complex large loans at launch. ”

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Maddux said he believes entrepreneurs and business owners need a more “hands-on approach” because they don’t fit the profile of a typical borrower.

“There had to be someone who said, ‘Yes, this is a decent risk, but this is a good credit risk, this is not what it seems from what I see in this automation,” he said. …


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