Freedom Mortgage Wholesale offers brokers a complete range of buying and refinancing products.



During this period of significant opportunity for buying and refinancing transactions, brokers and wholesale correspondents (not delegated) must coordinate with wholesale lenders who provide deep industry expertise, comprehensive products, and effective operational support to support their clients’ strategies. Freedom Mortgage Wholesale offers clients the industry’s most experienced sales and operations teams to support a full range of products, from conventional to government. According to Inside Mortgage Finance 2020, Freedom’s leadership as the leading national lender to VA and FHA gives its clients access to the platform and people they need to exceed expectations.

By continuing to invest in its platform, Freedom Mortgage Wholesale is able to provide clients with lending processes and technologies that provide greater control, speed and simplicity.

Freedom Mortgage’s experienced account managers have an average of 8.5 years with Freedom, with 25% of them with Freedom for over 10 years. Their experience allows them to consult with their clients to identify new and emerging market opportunities. The company also provides extensive product, credit and technology training to enable customers to take advantage of new products and process improvements.

In 2020, Freedom’s product and process training attracted more than 2,600 unique mortgage companies to VA IRRRL Refinance and FHA Streamline products, which were critical in helping borrowers save money during the pandemic.

“Freedom Mortgage is one of the strongest supporters of the broker and wholesale correspondent communities,” said Senior Vice President Keith Bilodeau. “We are proud to support the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and their mission to develop and support an independent mortgage lender.”

Freedom Mortgage Wholesale offers a comprehensive buy / refinance product package that includes an unparalleled government lending experience alongside competitive traditional pricing, VA and FHA pricing. Their account managers have industry experience and have established themselves as experts on product, pricing, and industry. Along with their expertise, these AEs are available and strive to forge strong relationships with their clients.

“We are renowned throughout the industry for helping brokers grow their businesses to become a non-delegated wholesale correspondent lender,” added Bilodeau. “In fact, last year Inside Mortgage Finance ranked us as # 1 lender to VA, FHA and GNMA.”

“What sets us apart from the competition is our incredible team of industry veterans in both sales and operations,” said Les Acri, executive vice president of third-party sources. “Our underwriting and operating teams are committed to a thorough and efficient lending process while maintaining a personalized approach to each client interaction.”

Freedom Mortgage’s wholesale business serves independent vendors nationwide. The company offers responsible home ownership options for new and low- to middle-income buyers, tools for brokers to communicate with borrowers, and the support needed to serve these borrowers in a timely and efficient manner.

“With many lenders completely out of the market during the pandemic, we supported our clients and are committed to meeting their needs as much as possible when they need it most,” Bilodeau said. “We stick to our business model and are proud of it. We will be here, we will be independent. “


Les Acre, Executive Vice President

Les Akri is a renowned industry expert with over 37 years of mortgage lending experience and has served since 2006 as Executive Vice President of Outsourcing at Freedom Mortgage.


Keith Bilodeau, Senior Vice President

Keith Bilodeau has over 39 years of retail and wholesale mortgage management experience in manufacturing, operations and capital markets.


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