Freddie Mac Purchase Volumes Decline In July



Freddie Mac reported this week that his overall the mortgage portfolio increased at an annualized rate of 8.4 percent in July. compared with an increase of 12.9% in June. The balance of the portfolio at the end of the period was $ 3.033 trillion, up from $ 3.021 trillion in the previous month and $ 2.518 trillion a year earlier. Purchases and issues were $ 85.899 billion and sales were $ (1,110) billion. June figures were $ 92.609 billion and $ 1.369 billion, respectively.

Purchases and refinancing guarantees for single-family loans in July were $ 40.5 billion, up from $ 50.9 billion in June, accounting for 50 percent of total single-family mortgage purchases and issuances, up from 59 percent in June. the previous month.

Freddie Mac’s mortgage portfolio purchases totaled $ 51.881 billion for the month, up from $ 61.787 billion in the prior period. The liquidation was ($ 1.243 billion) and ($ 1.330) billion in July and June, respectively, with sales of $ 53.403 and $ 74,465 billion over the two periods. The ending balance in the portfolio was $ 110.470 billion, up from $ 113.235 billion in June and $ 193.316 billion in July 2020.

The mortgage portfolio grew at an annual rate of (29.3) percent, down from (132.1) percent in June and (4.9) percent a year earlier.

The final balance of the mortgage portfolio was $ 110.470 billion, including $ 49.293 billion in agency securities, $ 59.880 billion in mortgages and $ 1.297 billion in non-agency securities. Mortgage-backed securities and other guarantee liabilities rose 11.4 percent year on year in July, up from 16.7 percent in June.

Separate family of Freddie Mac the delinquency rate fell from 1.86 percent in June to 1.74 percent in July.… The crime rate between several families did not change at 0.15 percent.

Freddie Mac said his measure of portfolio exposure averaged $ 63 million in July, up from $ 17 million in June. The maximum collateral issued by Fannie Mae, which was included in the recuritization issued by Freddie Mac, was approximately $ 100.4 billion.


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