Former real estate agent Luis Ortiz travels



Some people spend millions of dollars on real estate in New York. But others may be inspired to spend that money, say, on a cave in Arkansas, a winery, or a hidden tree house. A new series featuring famed broker Luis Ortiz aims to showcase these unique properties and perhaps inspire a bit of wanderlust in the process.

In an interview with the founder and publisher of The Real Deal, Amir Coranji Ortiz, who previously worked as an agent for Douglas Elliman and was one of the early filmmakers of New York, Listed in a Million Dollars, discussed Netflix’s The World’s Most Surprising Rental Options for vacation “.

The premise is simple: There are 3 million vacation homes available worldwide, and Ortiz and two of his co-hosts visit some of the most luxurious – his specialty – as well as the more budgetary and downright weird. The owners of the “test drive” of the property put up for sale not only as an asset, but also as an experience.

Ortiz’s journey from real estate to co-host of Netflix hasn’t been entirely linear. “I never dreamed of becoming a real estate agent,” he said. After filming in the film industry at age 19, he decided it was time to do something different. Incidentally, he “had a friend who had a little brokerage business” who brought Ortiz into real estate.

He spent time at Douglas Elliman and for several seasons joined Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant on the New York Million Dollar Listing before dropping out alone. The move took him away from edgy costumes and ruthless bargains towards a new series.

But curiosity drives the new show, not the closing of deals. Ortiz noted that in one episode, real estate was not sold at all – but the point is to think differently about real estate and travel. “I don’t need to sell,” he says. “I just need to understand.”

“A million dollar listing” was never about showing me that I was a good or a bad businessman, ”he said. “I was just there as a curious person.”


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