Former Newmark Broker Opens Commercial Firm in Miami, New York



David Abrams from 45 Northeast 41st Street (left) and 1212 Lincoln Road in Miami (Freemason)

David Abrams from 45 Northeast 41st Street (left) and 1212 Lincoln Road in Miami (Freemason)

Former Newmark Managing Director David Abrams founded a commercial real estate and consulting firm called masonre, headquartered in Miami and New York.

Abrams said the idea is to combine his institutional expertise into a small brokerage company that will provide “more personalized services.”

Abrams, a retail leasing broker, started his career in 2010 at RKF and has continued his career. Newmark she once acquired RKF in 2018. At Masonre, CEO Eliot Goldschmidt is another internal broker.

There are also plans to open an office in Los Angeles to provide connectivity between the three markets, Abrams said.

Despite the boutique’s size, masonre has closed more than 50,000 square feet of leases in New York and Miami since its launch in February. This was due in part to the fact that Abrams brought in some of his institutional clients from Newmark and maintained his relationship with partners, he said.

Overall, Abrams said masonre is very active on the part of homeowners in New York and tenants in Miami, although not universally.

As for a tenant in Miami, Masonre entered into a 1,773 square foot lease on behalf of Novela Mediterranean Café and Restaurant at 2323 North Miami Avenue. The group also entered into a 1,414 square foot lease on behalf of the YO BK yoga and pilates studio in the same building.
Both are designed for a 12-year term.

On the landlord’s side, masonre represented Forte Capital in a 9,000 square foot lease with the A&D Materials Market at 45 Northeast 41st Street in Miami Design Quarter, according to the Masonre press release. Validity period – 10 years. The material bank has not yet opened.

Masonre has also acquired several new tenants in Crescent Heights. 1212 Lincoln project in Miami Beach. Rooftop Cinema Club signed a lease for 13,000 square feet, or half of the project’s roof; SunLife Organics signed a lease for 1,200 square feet of ground floor; and Peter Alexander Salon have signed a lease on the second floor of 2,121 square feet, the report said. All for a period of 10 years.

Masonre is also closing offices in New York. She reportedly represented Athena Club, a subscription-based personal care company, in a rental office at 915 Broadway, and an architecture visualization firm, Volley Studio, in a rental at 45 Main Street.

He also represented the Swiss foundation AFIAA, the landlord, on a 4,341 square foot lease with Madame George’s restaurant on the ground floor at 45 West 45th Street.


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