Former Los Angeles councilor Mitch Englander begins jail time



Disgraced former Los Angeles City Councilor Mitchell Englander.  (Getty)
Disgraced former Los Angeles City Councilor Mitchell Englander. (Getty)

Former Los Angeles City Councilor Mitchell Englander began a prison sentence for his acclaimed role in accept cash and other gifts from developers as part of a broader corruption scandal at the mayor’s office.

In January, a federal judge sentenced England to 14 months in prison… According to the Los Angeles Times, he will be serving time in a US prison in Tucson, Arizona. The maximum security prison holds over 1,200 inmates, but Englander will live in a minimum security satellite camp with approximately 100 other inmates.

His expected release date is May 28, 2022, that is, a couple of months before the judge’s ruling. A spokesman for the prison did not elaborate on the reason for the cut, but said sentences could be cut for a variety of reasons, including good behavior, the Times reported.

Englander is one of several key figures who have acknowledged their role in wider corruption corruption, according to prosecutors with links to property developers and city officials. Anglander is the first person to be sent to prison in connection with this case.

The focus of this investigation was a former Los Angeles City Councilor. Jose Huizar, who is accused of accepting bribes and services worth $ 1.5 million from developers and others in exchange for supporting their projects.

Heisar pleaded not guilty to all 41 counts. His test install to start in May 2022 after a delay due to the pandemic.

An Englishman last year enrolled in falsification of material facts in a case

According to prosecutors, he received more than $ 30,000 in bribes and other gifts from the developer during his time at the mayor’s office. The prosecutor’s office cited evidence that England pushed the developer to refuse to cooperate with investigators.

Federal prosecutors indicted several other city officials and some people working for developers. Among them are former Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Raymond Chan and Chairman of the Shenzhen New World Group. Wei Huang, together with the developer itself.

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