For many workers, changing mask policies is a nightmare



“Retailers have asked and demanded that you wear masks,” said Willie Solis, a buyer of the Shipt delivery app in Denton, Texas, who works at stores such as Target, Kroger and CVS. “The vast majority of people still did the right thing and wore them.”

However, following the CDC’s announcement, “it was a complete shift,” Mr Solis said. Denton, like Yorktown, is in the county that backed former President Donald Trump by a one-digit margin in the November election.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 97 percent of Democrats said in a March poll that they wore a mask “at least most of the time” when they could contact people outside of their home, and a similar proportion of Democrats said they believe masks restrict spread coronavirus.

By comparison, only 71 percent of Republicans said they wear masks outside the home at least most of the time, and only half said they find masks to be effective.

This suggests that a significant number of Republicans wore masks only to comply with the rules, not because they thought it was important, said Ashley Kirzinger, deputy director of public opinion and research at the Kaiser Foundation. She cited a poll showing Republicans were also less likely to get vaccinated.

Matt Cannon, a waiter at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, said that before the CDC relaxed its recommendations, the resort’s policy was that all guests must wear masks in public areas if they are not eating. do not drink or eat. smoking, and this is strictly enforced.

“There were several checkpoints around the site where we asked security officials to tell them, ‘Please wear a mask,’” said Mr. Cannon, a salesman for UNITE HERE. “There were stations with disposable masks that guests could wear in case they didn’t have them.”


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