Flueid has received a patent for its cutting-edge real estate technology



Austin, TX – () –Flueid, a leading independent technology company supporting digital real estate transactions, today announced it will release US patent 11095756 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which is affiliated with its Flueid Decision (formerly Insurful) platform on August 17, 2021. The patented Flueid Decision platform technology centralizes and automates permitting decisions in less than a minute. It is the only multi-tenant and independent system on the market to integrate into major point of sale operating systems (POS), lender operating systems (LOS), title production systems (TPS), service platforms and marketplaces. to drive integration and streamline workflows for all parties involved in a transaction.

The Flueid Decision platform, first launched in mid-2020, is designed to shorten closure times by accelerating and digitally improving header search processes using traditional and non-traditional data sources, proprietary logic and analytics. Today, some of the nation’s top underwriters, lenders and digital service providers, among others, are taking advantage of Flueid Decision to reduce risk and improve transaction understanding and end-to-end efficiency, opening up much more on-demand transactions for consumers. …

“For nearly 20 years, our management team has been working to modernize real estate operations using data and technology,” said Peter Bowman, co-founder and CEO of Flueid. “Our goal is to provide reliable digital solutions to our partners that do not replace, but support their business. That’s why we’ve created a truly independent, multi-tenant solution that can drive multiple decisions and provide customers with greater transparency and choice in their workflows, no matter where the partner is in the transaction ecosystem. ”

In addition to its multi-user structure, Flueid has developed a decision-making platform with customer data transfer to the core of the product. The platform achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance in March 2021 and Type 2 compliance as of June 2021testing its data security controls and best practices.

“We built Flueid from the ground up, taking security and data processing as a foundation, thinking through architecture and design to ensure it maintains a governance structure that allows the client to control their own data,” added Peter Richter, co-founder. and the president of Flueid. “Our independent, multi-user platform allows us to create a unique, future-proof environment for each client. We then transfer ownership and management to each customer to ensure that their data and that of their customers are physically and logistically separate from other customers or have external access. ”

Flueid continues to improve its Flueid Decision product to add more online capabilities. This patent marks another milestone in the company’s vision of commercializing a digital solution for every market segment on the road to real estate, moving solutions securely from start to finish to provide immediate confidence and an optimized experience for everyone.

To learn more about Flueid, its products, services or leadership team, visit: https://www.flueid.com/

About Flueid

Flueid’s mission is to make the hard real estate process smoother by fueling transactions with data and analytics to make it easier to complete from start to finish. The company’s goal is not to eliminate critical features or best practices in the process, but to rethink and digitally make them smarter. Through its patented technology, the company has created a one-stop digital solution for every market segment en route to real estate, which has been adopted by leading leading mortgage lending, servicing, settlement companies, FinTech partners and PropTech, among others. Flueid supports every part of a real estate transaction to provide immediate reassurance to our clients and dramatically reduce closing times for consumers. For more information please visit https://www.flueid.com/


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