First American Docutech integrates with SimpleNexus to electronically sign mortgage documents



First American Docutech, a leading provider of document processing, electronic signature, electronic closing and printing technologies and a member of the First American family of companies, has integrated its ConformX® loan document generation technology and Solex® eSignature solution with the SimpleNexus homeownership platform.

Lenders using SimpleNexus and First American Docutech can now provide their borrowers with an electronic signature for the initial disclosure of mortgage information through single sign-on.

Borrowers and lenders benefit from a simplified experience that provides secure access to information disclosure, progress tracking, and e-signature functionality through the SimpleNexus web platform or mobile app. Lenders using the new solution can make the signing of disclosure process faster, safer and more convenient for their clients.

“At First American Docutech, we are focused on helping lenders digitize as much of the lending workflow as possible to provide a seamless experience for the borrower,” said Amy Brandt, president of First American Docutech. “We are integrating with one of the leading sales innovators to accelerate the transition from app to close by making it easier and more secure to create and electronically sign disclosures.”

SimpleNexus is the industry’s leading provider of POS terminals and serves over 39,000 loan officers and 300 lenders in the United States, providing one in eight home loans. Docutech’s Solex eSignature software and ConformX document authoring platform provide lenders with a complete one-stop solution for creating, delivering and executing disclosures and mortgage documents.

“Our integration with First American Docutech enables the disclosure of lender and borrower information via e-subscription in one convenient mobile application,” said Shane Vestra, director of products for SimpleNexus. “Together, we are helping to uncover the information signed by eSigned in the familiar SimpleNexus app that borrowers and loan officers rely on for their refinancing and home buying needs.”


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