Fintech real estate firm Tomo plans to create up to 100 jobs in Stamford



STAMFORD – Tomo Networks, a financial technology company specializing in real estate, founded last year in Stamford, plans to create up to 100 jobs by the end of this year, company and state officials announced Wednesday.

At the same time, Tomo announced the launch of its digital platform and confirmed a $ 70 million investment round, which company officials described as “one of the largest seed rounds in history.”

The State Department of Economic and Community Development will support Tomo with earn-as-you-grow grants that pay back grants overdue as employment targets are met.

“Tomo could have chosen any state in the country to host their corporate headquarters, and they chose Connecticut because they recognize that we have the most educated, well-trained and most productive workforce in the world that drives innovation, especially in the financial technology industry. “Gov. Ned Lamont said in a statement.

“New companies like Tomo inspire me with the innovative products they create. I am delighted that they have chosen Stamford as the hub for this to happen and I look forward to their continued growth here, ”Lamont said.

The company’s headquarters will be located at 2200 Atlantic St., Stamford South End, a few yards from the future headquarters, at 100 Washington Blvd., off. manufacturer and technology service provider ITT… The latter announced last week that it would move its headquarters to the city from White Plains, New York.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Governor Lamont’s office, the Department of Economic and Community Development and AdvanceCT (a non-profit organization focused on economic development) as we build our company in Stamford,” said Greg Schwartz, CEO and co-founder. Tomo, the statement said. “Innovative, growth-oriented companies like Tomo are appealing to the government because of the business-friendly environment and talent pool. We intend to become the preferred employer for those looking to change the way they shop for home and financial services. I am proud to be in Stamford today for our official launch. ”

Tomo’s offices in Seattle, Washington and Austin, Texas will support the Stamford headquarters.

Connecticut is going through one of the busiest corporate hiring periods since Lamont, a first-term Democrat, took office in January 2019. Tobacco giant Philip Morris International announced on June 22 that it will move headquarters from Manhattan to Connecticut and financial technology company iCapital Network on June 24 pledged opening offices in Greenwich


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