Fintech Mortgage Company Opens West Coast Headquarters in the Valley


(Facebook photo by Wyndham Capital Mortgage)

PHOENIX – The East Coast-based fintech mortgage company announced Tuesday that it will open its new sales center in the Valley.

According to a press release, the new Wyndham Capital Mortgage building is located in the Biltmore financial district and will serve as one of its West Coast headquarters.

“Wyndham Capital chose Phoenix because it is a powerful lending center where the best talent we are looking to attract and because Arizona is an excellent state for growing businesses,” said Christian Olin, Phoenix’s director of sales in a press release. …

With enhanced intelligence, the company is working to ensure competitive mortgage rates to speed up processing times.

This allows borrowers to save time and money by allowing mortgage consultants to close more loans per employee than the industry average, it said.

“We are very happy to put our roots down here,” Olin said. “This new location is aimed at outstanding success due to the explosive growth of the real estate market and what we have to offer both our team and their clients.”

According to the announcement, the company intends to triple its workforce this year with the help of experienced mortgage consultants.

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