Find out which businesses in Saginaw County have received the largest PPP loans


SAGINAV, Michigan – The federal payroll protection program, established in 2020 to help small businesses stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, has paid Michigan over $ 24 billion in roughly 300,000 loans.

According to federal data obtained by MLive, just under $ 414 million of that amount went to Saginaw County in 5,699 loans, 558 of which were for $ 150,000 or more and 5,131 of which were received for less than $ 60,000. … The program began disbursing funds a few weeks after the start of the pandemic and had a second round of funding in 2021.

Morley Companies Inc., a business services company and Saginaw County office. third largest employer received the most assistance and was the only organization to receive the maximum loan amount in the first round of $ 10 million, according to Saginaw Future. With the exception of Duro-Lastwhich received nearly $ 9 million, no other company exceeded $ 6 million, and apart from the four largest companies, no other company received more than $ 5 million in loans from the program.

Top 10 PPP Loans in Saginaw District

Total affiliated with Zehnder family, whose members own and operate many of Frankenmouth’s most popular travel destinations, received a total of $ 12,658,797 million through six loans.

  • Zehnder’s from Frankenmouth received an additional $ 2,000,000.
  • Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn, Inc. received US $ 2,000,000 and US $ 1,679,200.
  • Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Motor Lodge, Inc. received US $ 2,000,000 and US $ 1,715,497.

For a complete list of Saginaw County loans, see the table below and search for them.

MLive data reporter Scott Levin prepared the coverage for this article.

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With the increasing number of cases, Saginaw health officials are “concerned” about areas with low vaccination rates.

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