Filogix Private Lender Gateway launched to connect private lenders with mortgage brokers


TORONTO, Jul 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Filogix, but Finastra company announced the launch Filogix Private Lender Gateway, a new portal that connects private lenders to the Filogix mortgage marketplace. The solution enables private lenders to do business with the Filogix network of over 17,000 mortgage professionals worldwide. Canada, without the need for additional technologies.

“We are committed to improving the experience of our entire mortgage market, including lenders of all sizes and with different technological capabilities,” said Jerry Lo, Vice President of Filogix. “With the launch of the Filogix Private Lender Gateway, we have removed the barrier to entry for private lenders who do not have the need or funds for a traditional lending platform. Through this portal, these private lenders can focus on building and growing their business. ”

The secure and user-friendly Filogix Private Lender Gateway digital portal provides private lenders with a detailed description of each application. Integration with Google maps allows you to quickly and efficiently appraise real estate. The portal is available free of charge; there is no monthly fee and private lenders only charge for the mortgage applications they have chosen. Private lenders can then download letters of commitment, receive credit reports, and securely store and manage consumer information on the portal. Filogix Private Lender Gateway is available in both English and French to serve the entire Canadian market.

About Finastra

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