Filo Mortgage Announces 15 Years Rate 1.99% No Points on Purchases



FORT WASHINGTON, Pa – () – fast growing lender Filo mortgage now offers a mortgage rate of 1.99% (1.99% per annum) no points and no loan fees for regular 15 year purchase loans.

Filo Mortgage continues to be the leader in low interest rate mortgages. To qualify for the 1.99% no-points rate, borrowers need a credit rating above 680, an initial payment of at least 20%, and a loan amount of more than $ 200,000. Filo Mortgage offers qualified applicants a loan rate of 2.625% (2.625% per annum) on a regular 30-year basis with no credits or processing fees.

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Filo Mortgage Founder and Co-CEO Jeffrey Frutkin said: “We want to share the fact that you can get a very low credit-free rate on a new home loan. If you buy a house and have a mortgage from one of the big banks, you may be paying too much on the loan. Large companies with conventional branches have a larger cost structure and tend to pass these costs onto borrowers in the form of higher mortgage rates and fees. It’s worth getting a second or third quote to see if you can get the best price. Even a small change in the rate can lead to savings of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. ”

Filo Mortgage recommends that consumers check their credit scores to make sure they are not paying points or commissions on a loan, unless it is done to intentionally reduce the rate.

About Filo Mortgage

Filo Mortgage, LLC is a fast growing lender that provides its borrowers with ultra-low rates, fast closings and a convenient digital experience. Founded in 2019 and licensed in 22 states, the company and its reputation have grown rapidly under the leadership of a management team with years of experience in the mortgage industry. Filo Mortgage is headquartered in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania and has offices in Texas, Arizona and Missouri. Filo Mortgage has exceeded $ 3 billion in closed loans since its founding in 2019. Filo Mortgage focuses on making the borrowing process fast and hassle-free, and at the lowest possible cost for both home buying and loan refinancing. Filo does not charge clearance fees.


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