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China flag with an arrow pointing downward, emanating from a second small star on a black background with a mesh

Samantha Lee / Insider

American investors own $ 2 trillion in Chinese stocks, but the entire market financial house of cards… By cleverly exploiting regulatory loopholes in both Beijing and Washington, Chinese companies shy away from supervision by keeping investors from knowing the true state of their finances. Read our full analysis here

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Chinese stocks are falling. This is why their financial crisis could go so much worse.

In this photo, the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange logo (C) is visible on the iPhone screen.

Garlic / Getty Images

Trading cryptocurrency can be incredibly difficult due to 24/7 markets and extreme volatility. Investors often use multiple apps and platforms to understand what’s going on in the market. We spoke with 10 crypto experts to understand what applications do they use for trading, price monitoring and news

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We asked 10 crypto traders to show us the apps they use on their phones to trade, track prices and read news.

This is a photo of Sean Peng on the left and Sharon Tsing on the right, sitting next to each other.

Sean Peng and Sharon Tsing

The two of them, real estate investors Sharon Tsing and Sean Peng, own 21 rental apartments. IN interview with Insider, they explained their whole processfrom how they decide which geographic region to work in to how they usually finance their property.

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A couple in their 30s recount how they acquired 21 rental apartments in affordable and upmarket neighborhoods across the country and shares their approach to choosing the best cities, realtors and financing strategies.

Central stock selection

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