Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) shares plunged nearly 20%. Announces the twenty-second sale of revolving loans. – Own equipment



As of August 18, the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) has been falling sharply for a month. The price peaked at $ 1.3750 and then dropped to $ 1.2600. Moreover, from July 28 until today, the company’s shares began to decline continuously, having lost almost 20%. As part of the company’s ongoing effort to reduce the size of its unallocated mortgage portfolio, Fannie Mae today began promoting its twenty-second reformed loan sale. The sale includes approximately 19,100 loans with outstanding principal of $ 2.2 billion offered for purchase by eligible bidders.

Sale of reformed loans in partnership with Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. Proposals must be submitted by September 9, 2021. Loans Fannie Mae’s reform terms require the buyer to offer loss-cutting options to any borrower who may re-default. Loans are subject to reform within five years after the sale closes. All customers must comply with approved or pending loss mitigation measures during the sale, including abstinence and loan amendment agreements.


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