Fed Forgives Anti-Virus Companies Over $ 1 Million in PPP Loans



Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaking at "Keep it clean" To assist the Waterkeeper Alliance at Avalon in Hollywood, California in April 2017.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaks at the “Keep It Clean” event for the Water Industry Union in Avalon, Hollywood, California, in April 2017.
Photo: Rich Polk / Getty Images for Waterkeeper Alliance (Getty Images)

Federal agencies have not granted more than $ 1 million in Wage Protection Program (PPP) loans to organizations working against the virus, including those led by conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., discredited scientist Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and others. Reported on the Daily Beast on Thursday.

The PPP was allegedly designed to protect small businesses affected by the new coronavirus pandemic and help them retain workers by providing businesses and other organizations with federal loans that could be forgiven if borrowers did not fire workers. But most of the more than $ 800 billion issued so far went into big business with banking connections which the sucked the pool dry faster than many others can apply. According to the Daily Beast Public Records Reviewgroups spreading misinformation, hoax and lies claiming vaccines are unsafe and ineffective have also managed to get some of this sweet funding.

The Daily Beast reported that public records show that the Small Business Administration (SBA) has forgiven the loan of $ 145,339 plus thousands of interest in RFK Jr. Children’s Health Defense Co. (CHD), which is an extensive source of vaccine misinformation. CHD helped publish and promote the book of the doctor who became the center of the deception. Plandemic a documentary by Dr. Judy Mikowitz; produced a film called Medical racism: the new apartheid what attempts to convince Black Americans are being used as guinea pigs for the coronavirus vaccine; and published countless blog posts by RFK Jr. with false claims that there is no link between vaccinations and a number of conditions such as autism.

RFK Jr. It has collaborated with QAnon devotees are spreading claims that Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergens and Infectious Diseases, intends get sick with “a whole generation of Americans” with coronavirus vaccines. Kennedy were also convicted his own family for his role in the anti-virus conspiracy movement.

According to the Daily Beast, the SBA has forgiven a $ 72,500 loan to the alternative medical practice of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a well-known anti-virus physician, who told Ohio lawmakers earlier this year that the coronavirus vaccine makes people literally magnetic. (Is not.) Dr. Joseph Mercola, the disgraced physician whose debunked and disproven research claiming a link between vaccines and autism has fueled much of the modern anti-vaccine movement, has been forgiven for nearly half a million loans to two companies. Ronnie Cummins, who worked with Mercola on a book claiming the pandemic is part of a dystopian “Great Reboot” plan, runs the Organic Consumers Association. The SBA forgave him $ 165,400 in loans.

Finally, according to Beast, the SBA forgave loans to anti-vaccine publishers, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and TTAC Publishing ($ 137,466 and $ 252,050, respectively). NVIC is considered one of the most powerful anti-virus organizations in the country and in October 2020 organized a conference for a movement to coordinate the “main story” that the coronavirus is not dangerous and that the side effects of the vaccine are widespread and more dangerous than the virus itself. The conference also called for targeting anti-virus propaganda to people with large social media followers, as well as focusing on black Americans fearing a history of medical racism.

The SBA, of course, doesn’t care what business functions the borrowers actually perform – just that they qualify for the program. But disappointingly, the same organizations that are helping fuel vaccine hesitancy in the US are also receiving disaster relief funds for businesses actually hit by the pandemic. As the Daily Beast points out, some of the organizations on the list are already quite wealthy. RFK Jr. keeps expensive fundraisers in california for CHD. Mercola, for example, assessed his pure state worth more than $ 100 million in 2017. He has also invested millions in NVIC over the years. And one would assume that being a professional anti-vaxxer is one of the few professions that actually experience greater success in the midst of a pandemic.

Vaccinations for adults were recently missed in the United States. target 70% on the weekend of the fourth of July, due to a large part to misinformation about vaccines distributed to groups similar to the above and efforts by former President Donald Trump and the GOP to reinforce vaccine hesitancy among conservatives and red states in particular… According to the survey data published Kaiser Family Foundation at the end of June, 10% of Americans said they would “wait and see” if they got the vaccine, 6% said they would only do it if necessary, and 14% said they definitely would not. Among the main reasons were fears that the vaccine is “too new”, will lead to side effects, mistrust of the government, nor the vaccines, nor the belief that they are unsafe. Guerrilla vaccination gap also growingAccording to the foundation, the vaccination rate is 46.7% in counties that voted for Biden as of July 6, and just 35% in those that voted for Trump.


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